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Вы смотрите PC Longplay [147] Streets of Rage Remake (Part 1 of 4)

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Played by: Tsunao

A remake of all three Streets of Rage game that took 8 years to make...or something It was released sometime in early April 2011 (even had coverage)...and then Sega told the team to pull down the game...or something. Now it is impossible to find it on the interwebz...or is it? Interweb savvy people knows that once anything is on the internet, it is pretty much impossible to get rid of it...or something. This is the final version (v5).

This game isn't too easy (as in Bare Knuckle III easy even on Very Hard) or too hard (as in Streets of Rage 3 balls-busting difficulty on any difficulty). The game has a TON of replay value (just the paths, man. There is also the shop.) Supposedly, everything was done by hand without dipping into the original game's source code or something (sprites, movesets, Police calling, which hasn't been seen since SoR, and friggin' guns). It even has friggin' Adam as a playable character!! The game has a remixed(?) soundtrack...and it sounds pretty awesome! You can also change some gameplay mechanics to mimic different SoR games, like using SoR2's combo mechanic or disable dashing (play like SoR2). I choose to play this game like SoR3. (I never really played SoR2. I probably played it only once.) This game would've had online play, but the developer (or something) ran into problems. Something about lag.

What-I-do stuff:
Unless noted, all runs are on Normal mode.

Round 1:
This is pretty much SoR1 path. For this go, I decided to go nostalgic: SoR!Blaze and SoR!Axel. Sadly, the nostalgia was ruined when the CPU chose Skate/Sammy. I seriously wanted to choose to become Mr. X's bodyguard so I can pound in the CPU for ruining the moment. -_- (I would've been fine with Adam) Stage 6 boss = Fk yeah!! The other route will take me on the SoR2 path.

Round 2:
SoR2 path. For characters, I didn't know who I wanted to pick. I decided to choose Adam and Shiva (would've done Sammy, but he ruined my nostalgia trip.) May or may not have tiem paradox. I think Blaze would've made a better partner. First split on the first stage will take me to the rooftops, then through the subway, and then into the park. Then I can take a SoR3 path. The warehouse path will lead back to the SoR2 path, while the construction site leads to SoR3 path.

Round 3:
SoR3 path...in some sense. For this run, I use SoR3!Blaze and Elle. Along the way, Elle lost all of her lives and I was stuck with a furry. Furry lost all of its lives and the CPU chose it...again! I can start from the Red Light District (SoR3) or the new stage (SoRR). The new stage leads down the SoR3 path. From Red Light District, it goes through some of SoR2. After that, junction at the Amusement Park will lead down the same Warehouse-construction selection. I took Red Light District because of samurai d00d (I think it is a gauntlet). This segment has some motorcycle and jetski sections. As for the ending: I get the bad ending. -_- I went down one more floor after getting the Card Key by mistake. Couldn't defeat Shiva in time. I decided to use the Event Viewer to show the other 2 endings (first one is defeating Shiva without stopping the bomb and the other is stopping the bomb and defeating Shiva.) For the record: this ain't no Battletoads!! This ain't no Double Dragon!!

Round 4:
Rudra playthrough. To get Rudra's ending, you have to make it to the SoR1 final stage (either play through the SoR1 path or take the path made after defeating the alien dragon...thingy.) Continues probably won't matter. For this run, I go through the SoR1 path. I somehow 1CC'd it. Dunno how. I'm sad that Rudra's neutral air attack doesn't have some priority (or something) over Neo.X rushing attacks. =(

Round 5:
Mania playthrough. I go through SoR1 path. For characters, I use SoR1!Blaze (I'm used to Blaze) and with Rudra as CPU partner (solely because she can use her assists in buildings.) CPU died and chose Zan. Things were a little better, except his explosion thingy keeps hitting me. For continuing, I chose SoR1!Blaze again, and then Rudra at Mr. X (Assist and Shuriken FTW) Retarded moment on the elevator, and I accidentally killed my partner. -_-

Язык: Русский
Автор: World of Longplays

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