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SNES Longplay: Super Castlevania 4 Walkthrough

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Hearing about this game from the AVGN, I decided to give it a shot myself. Not being a hardcore fan of Castlevania I'll try to give it an objective review. First of all, the graphics are very good for a SNES console and they instantly reminded me of "The Lost Vikings 2" which I've done. The backgrounds are not just solid colors like in other games, instead they're colorful and really well detailed and so is the character animation. The soundtracks are awesome - this game really shines in the audio department. They are varied and energetic, keeping you entertained and making you want to turn the volume up, not down ! As far as the controls go, they feel tight and responsive...on a computer keyboard at least, but without playing with an actual control pad, it's hard to comment on. The buttons used to control the character are configurable, giving you better flexibility with the control pad, as you can configure the buttons however you like it best. It seems they hit all the key elements of a great game: great graphics, beautiful soundtracks and responsive controls. One thing I can definitely say is that the game is also very difficult ! It may not seem so at first, but the later stages are packed with enemies and instant-death traps. By the time you fight Dracula at the end, it's almost impossible to beat him without an emulator with save-states. The good thing is that if you lose, you only have yourself to blame - you can't blame it on the controls for instance, like you could in Dragon's Lair on the NES, where 90% of the time you died because of the atrocious controls. You can't blame your failures on the game, no matter how hard you try, because the controls are solid and the game is terrific, so there's no excuse not to keep playing. Bottom line, this is a great game in the SNES collection (not the best one, indeed) and I give the AVGN credit for letting me know about it. Now I see for myself why he praised it so much in his Castlevania review. Give it a try !

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Длительность материала: 01:22:52
Автор: Daniel's Game Vault
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