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Вы смотрите NES Longplay [598] Hudson's Adventure Island II

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Played by: Reinc

The sweet and beautiful Tina (previously known as Princess Leilani), has just been kidnapped by the Evil Witch Doctor's persistent followers. Eight perilous islands are in control of the various monster minions, although four friendly dinosaurs will gladly ally themselves with those willing to brave the islands' dangers and defeat their common oppressors. Thinking of how grateful his favorite lady will be when he comes to her rescue, Master Higgins embarks on a daunting quest to get to his honey.

Either that or he just was woken up by a falling nut and now seeks to use the entire archipelago as his stress reliever.

The rules of the game are the same as those in the original Adventure Island, with the main new feature being the addition of an inventory system. Before the player begins a stage, he can choose which of Higgins' animal friends to bring (if he has rescued any), as well as whether or not he should bring one of the stone hammers he has accumulated. Because of this, the player can no longer upgrade to shooting fireballs when he picks a second hammer. Instead, it gets added as a reserved hammer to the player's inventory.

The checkpoint system has been eliminated and if the player dies in the middle of a stage, he must restart from the very beginning. However, the stages are significantly shorter than in the previous game. Each island has about 10 stages, but transition between stages happens at random, so it is impossible to visit all stages in one walkthrough.

When the player strikes a place where a hidden egg is located, it will play a different noise that will serve as an indicator of its location. There are now underwater stages, as well as vertical-scrolling stages. When the player completes a stage riding a skateboard, he does not get to take it to the next stage like he could in the previous game, but gets a 2000 point bonus instead. Between stages there is a bonus screen where the player can choose one of spinning eggs to get a 50-2000 point bonus or an extra life. The player can now backtrack during a stage as well, but only up to a certain point.

Bosses are now a little bit more diverse. The boss of each island awaits the player on a specific stage at the beginning. However, if the player is defeated while fighting a boss, the boss will move to another area, forcing the player not only to clear his current stage, but also another one in order to fight the boss.

There are four types of dinosaur friends that Higgins can ride. These animal friends are summoned when the player collects a playing card suit hidden inside an egg. The blue camptosaurus (heart card) attacks with his tail; the red camptosaurus (spade) can breathe fire; the pteranodon (clover) can fly over obstacles and drop stones; and the elasmosaurus (diamond) is the only dinosaur that can survive in underwater stages (the others will be lost when used underwater) and can help Higgins swim faster.

I make a single run of the game without showing all stages. The level design is repetitive across the entire game, so I didn't miss much.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 01:05:17
Автор: World of Longplays

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