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Вы смотрите NES Longplay [602] Hudson's Adventure Island III

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Played by: Reinc

Master Higgins' girlfriend Tina (erroneously called "Jeannie Jungle" in English materials) is kidnapped once again, this time by a mysterious flying saucer. With the help of his prehistoric pals, Higgins must once again travel through eight different islands and go after the aliens keeping Tina hostage.

Adventure Island 3, known in Japan as Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima Suri ("Great Takahashi's Adventure Island III" ) is a side-scrolling platform game published by Hudson Soft. The gameplay and the design haven't much changed since Adventure Island II: there is a world map, you can choose items before starting a level, the levels themselves are quite short. You perform standard adventure island activities: ride various types of dinosaurs, throw boomerangs at snails, birds, snakes, and skulls, collect grapes and apples, jump over stones, and of course, ride your old trusty skateboard. This time, Higgins can now crouch. However, he loses the ability to backtrack. Unlike the previous game, the boss does not move to a different stage when the player loses a life. The inventory system from the second NES game is still present, but this time he has eight items to choose from instead of just five. Higgins now has five mounts. The other new items include a boomerang weapon that can be used as an alternative from Higgins' traditional stone axe weapon, and a crystal that provides Higgins with protection from a single attack. Like in the previous game, riding a mount speeds up your hunger bar depletion.

There are now different hidden rooms as well, such as treasure rooms where Higgins can choose a new power-up, a surfing bonus round, a springboard bonus round, a room containing a crystal (with an option to continue the level or skip it), and a room with the option of skipping a boss (which will also skip the stage) or not.

About mounts:
1) Red Taylor (spade): He breathes a long-range fireball - it can destroy rocks and boulders. He has the ability to walk on lava and poisoned water.
2) Blue Taylor (heart): Has a rapid low short-range attack, which can destroy rocks and boulders. Doesn't slip on ice. Has the fastest running speed.
3) Classy (diamond): The only dinosaur who can survive in water. Can travel on land too, but is slower there. Can go through bubbles. Has no attack, but you can throw hammers and boomerangs from its back.
4) Don-Don (clover): Can fly . Doesn't gain momentum on land. Attacks by dropping rocks, which cannot destroy rocks and boulders.
5) Poley (star): Has a continuous melee attack. Doesn't sink in a quicksand.

Transition between stages is not randomized anymore. Additional stages are accessed through shortcuts, so completing all stages in one go is still impossible. The level design is more variable now. The graphics were improved to look more 3D, and are generally more detailed. Bosses are more variable in their behavior and abilities, too. Movement is faster and more fluid than ever. All this makes Adventure Island III the ultimate Adventure Island game.

I make a single playthrough of the game and show all level designs and try to show all secrets I run into. Night version of Desolation was skipped, but it's not a different level design, just a different background.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:54:43
Автор: World of Longplays

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