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Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ : Color Contraption by Lucky Button Pusher

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Описание материала:

Introducing Rhythm Core Alpha 2™, and advanced music creation system for the Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo 3DS™ game systems. In this video, chiptune artist Lucky Button Pusher performs his original song "Color Contraption"!

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ has all of the creative tools needed to create great sounding music, with an emphasis on live performance. Like the original Rhythm Core Alpha™, is a combination of a music sequencer, a drum machine, and a stylus-based synthesizer for soloing. Not only does it provide traditional pattern based tools equivalent to PC-based MIDI sequencers and software synthesizers, but it also provides a powerful key detection and remapping capability that allows the player to change the key of their music by simply pressing a button. Both programs are easily reconfigurable for ease of live performance.
Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ improves on the features of the original by adding many new features:
• A Mixer screen for adjusting the levels of each track.
• Drum Pad screen for playing drum solos.
• Ten (10) different arrangements for the Solo screen, including one, two, and three row piano layouts, and "finger-playable" modes with wide buttons. A new 8-way grid mode has been added, and both grid modes can be completely customized!
• Many new file options:
o Export your song to SD card as MIDI!
o Save individual Blocks (loops) for use in other songs. We include 91 demo loops and beats and 13 demo songs!
o Import your songs from the original version of Rhythm Core Alpha.
• Many new sound customization options:
o Vibrato with new waveforms, including major and minor chord arpeggios.
o Portamento (a smooth pitch glide between notes).
o Echo, which can be set independently for each track.
o Pitch Envelopes give control of the pitch over time. Useful for special effects and certain sounds.
o Envelope Curves allows for more creative control over pitch and volume envelopes even than most professional synthesizers.

o Sounds can now be renamed, and sound parameters can be copied to other tracks.
• The live recording of solos and key/block changes (introduced in the European version of Rhythm Core Alpha™) has been greatly enhanced. Pattern editing has been vastly improved as well!
• Each Block (loop) can be renamed. Never mistake your verse for your chorus again!
• Count-up / count-down timer shows how much time remains in the current Block!
• Stylish VU meter animated display!
• New sound samples have been added, and sound definitions have been updated to take advantage of the new features. Yes, yes, you can do dubstep.

...and many other features and adjustments from of three years of testing, recording songs, and performing in live shows.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2™ is available in the Nintendo DSiWare™ Store for 1000 Nintendo Points, and in the Nintendo 3DS™ eShop for $10 US.

Product is now available in the Americas, and will soon be available in Europe.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:02:59
Автор: Rhythm Core Alpha
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