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Rockman Basics - WIP and walkthrough

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Описание материала:

In 2005 I began creating a Rockman hack; that is, a custom game based on NES Mega Man's engine. Back then, I was among the few foremost experts on Mega Man game glitches in the world. (Well, I still am, but there now are a few people who know even more about them than I do.)
The basic principle of this hack was: Create a game that is impossible to complete without intrinsic knowledge about Mega Man glitches, but as much as possible in a teaching-learning manner, i.e. it should be fun and insightful to play. And it should be beautiful, as well, following the original style of art where possible.
Turns out those goals were rather difficult to implement. The hack is still unfinished; in fact, just three and half stages are done.

When I recorded this video, it had been more than a year since I last touched this game. I wanted to show an intuitive "first experience" to the game, with a voiceover narration explaining some concepts, while also making sure to walk through all existing content so far.
But turns out that unlike some people like Transgenic86, I am awfully bad at doing voiceovers, so here you will only see the playing part, but you will not get the voiceover part. I will try to add some relevant things as subtitles/annotations later.

Technical bits: Background art (trees, windows, electric wires etc.) were generated procedurally. Foreground art was also generated procedurally; in the level editor, platforms and overall layout of the levels are sketched entirely IN TEXT. Items, enemies are placed manually (as text).

Oh, and the video here is rendered in POV-Ray, versions 3.7.0 beta41..RC2. I almost forgot to mention it.
Apologies about the low resolution. The number of frames was high (59643), and even with 17 CPU cores at disposal, it still took two weeks to do the 3D rendering. Using a higher resolution would have made it even slower.
Antialias and radiosity were used. I also tried photons (for the glasses), but for some reasons POV-Ray would not honor my "photons { pass_through }" declaration. I wanted a pass_through without noshadow, but POV-Ray was no-go instead. The NES screen was processed with Blargg's NTSC filter, and I used tinterlace to halve the FPS rate for Youtube.

More information:
-- http://bisqwit.iki.fi/jutut/rockmanbasics/ (Web page of the hack)
-- http://bisqwit.iki.fi/source/rockedit.html (Source code of the level editor used; most surprisingly it is entirely ungraphical).

My recording of this video was originally 16:40 long, but thanks to the 15-minute limit Youtube recently reintroduced into my account, I had to cut the video short.

Язык: Русский
Автор: Bisqwit
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