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749 Денди игр за 15 минут (749 NES Games in 15 Minutes)

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Описание материала:

This is a remaster of a video that was previously uploaded on October 20, 2010. This remastered version includes touch-ups to video quality/sharpness and attention to a few other details that were neglected the first time around. The scaling and positioning of each individual game capture have been altered so that each clip fills out a 640x480 frame without the typical dead-space that normal NES video output produces, minimizing awkward cut-offs of HUD's and other relevant elements. The visual clarity of the intro and credit sequences have also been improved, and the web address information for the musicians has been updated. Clips for certain games have been replaced entirely because the quality of the original captures used was absolutely terrible... a few of the old clips were pulled from 240p archives (yikes).

The original version is now unlisted (not indexed on youtube, but any external embeds and/or links to it will remain functional); you can view it here...




Click captions (CC) on the YouTube controls in order to display all of the game titles on the video while it's playing. Original documentation of time codes, game names and links to more extensive footage/information for each game is here: http://nesgui.de/25

If you're watching on the YouTube site, you can also view the interactive transcript by clicking the icon just to the right of the 'about, share, add to' commands underneath the video.



This video was created in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System's release in the United States: October 18, 1985. The 749 games included in this video represent a small piece of every UNIQUE title produced for the NES in North America, including the unlicensed titles.

Every clip used in this video was captured from genuine NES hardware; not an emulator. Each game was allotted 1.1 seconds. The actual total of gameplay footage here is around 13:45.


SCOPE - This video features every UNIQUE title released in the North American market for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

DOES NOT INCLUDE - Famicom exclusives, PAL region exclusives, Sachen titles, Wii imports, homebrews, pirates, prototypes and the redundant retail releases listed below...

EXCLUDED DUE TO REDUNDANCY - Donkey Kong Classics (see Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.), Punch-Out!! (see Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!), Bubble Bath Babes (see Mermaids of Atlantis), Myriad 6-in-1 (see Caltron 6-in-1), Stadium Events (see World Class Track Meet), Sunday Funday (see Menace Beach), Tengen Pac-Man (see Pac-Man), Tengen Ms. Pac-Man (see Ms. Pac-Man), and Tengen RBI Baseball (see RBI Baseball).


SOUNDTRACK - In order of play...

Duck Hunt Intro - XOC, from the album "Beginning of the End"
Batman, Stage 1 - The Advantage, from the album "Elf Titled"
Contra, Stage 1 - The Minibosses, from the album "Brass"
Gremlins 2, Clamp Enterprises - XOC, from the album "G2EP"
Journey to Silius, Stage 1 - Zubareus, from the album "From 8 to Infinity"
Kid Icarus - The Minibosses, from the album "Brass"
Wizards and Warriors, Tree Trunk/Victory - The Advantage, from the album "Elf Titled"
Kirby's Adventure, End Battle - XOC from the album "What's Pink and Sucks?"


Special thanks to the musicians who allowed us to use their recordings for the soundtrack!



The Minibosses


The Advantage





Happy 25th Anniversary, and thanks for playing!

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Автор: nesguide
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