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Super Nintendo Game Genie Demonstration (Actual SNES Capture)

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This is a demonstration of Game Genie working with various games on an actual Super Nintendo. No emulation whatsoever was used.Back before people started hacking their consoles, there was a cheating device (or "Game Enhancement" device) you could buy called Game Genie. It was a separate cartridge that connected between your game and system, and it altered games to allow various cheats such as absurdly high jumps, invincibility or other abilities. You would simply enter whatever codes you wanted when the system started and the Game Genie would give you the abilities.I got my Game Genie shortly after my brother and I received our SNES, so probably in early 1993. I liked using it in Super Mario World to get the mega jump and invincibility, and my brother liked using it in Final Fantasy II to gain unlimited mana. However, I basically lost interest in the device after that (I always liked the challenge of beating tough games). This is the first time I've used it in several years.Game Genie wasn't licensed by Nintendo, and the games weren't designed to be altered like this, so it sometimes has unintended side effects such as crashing your game or wiping save files. I remember it wiping certain save slots in Final Fantasy II, so we had to avoid using those with the device.I decided to showcase the device with some popular SNES games, and I picked the cheats that I thought were the most interesting. Here's a rundown of the games and cheats shown in this video:Super Mario World - 0:28Cheats used: Mega Jump. Don't get hurt as Super, Fire or Cape Mario.Super Mario Kart - 2:28Cheats used: Instant top speed and braking. Don't slow down while turning (also causes you to constantly hover over the track, meaning you drive over water and pits and can't pick up items or coins). The game actually crashed on me after the first course.Super Metroid - 4:40Cheats used: No damage taken from enemies. Hyper Beam is availableStreet Fighter II Turbo - 8:22Cheats used: Ken's fierce Dragon Punch travels farther. Fierce Hurricane Kicks travel farther to the right only. Special moves can be performed in mid air.Super Castlevania IV - 10:18Cheats used: Invincibility (wears off if you pick up meat). Enemies and candles instantly die on screen (seems to require that you pick up a sub item to start the effect). This second cheat glitched the game and caused the boss not to appear.Contra III: The Alien Wars - 13:31Cheats used: Unlimited bombs. Infinite lives on side-view levels.Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR and the official SNES S-video cable. I used a Toshiba model D-R550 DVD Recorder to upconvert the SNES's native 240p signal to 480i so that the Hauppauge could capture the console's audio/video signal.

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Автор: WatchmeplayNintendo
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