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[ZX Spectrum] AWS Mortal Kombat (AWS, game, 1996)

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Описание материала:

DOWNLOAD:http://vtrdos.ru/full_ver/MK_ORIG.ZIP (pure version)http://vtrdos.ru/full_ver/MK_LGN.ZIP (cracked by ZX Legion)http://vtrdos.ru/full_ver/MK.ZIP (cracked by Power Hackers)http://vtrdos.ru/full_ver/MK1.ZIP (cracked by MIS)http://vtrdos.ru/full_ver/MK_TJ.ZIP (cracked by Ticklish Jim, includes a separate program with the full movelist)WARNING: Eh... you've already guessed this thing uses multi-layered pictures for more colors, right? If not, then kick YT's 30 FPS limit.This video is dedicated to everyone who doubts that Mortal Kombat is impossible to pull out on a Spectrum machine and, as evidenced by THIS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TW6dqTPb-I) video, thinks it's fake. Okay, gentlemen, if you still are in such state that makes me curse and cuss, just GO download UnrealSpeccy and this game. Maybe that will change your mind, huh?What you can evidence in this video is, obviously, the only finished Mortal Kombat for ZX Spectrum, and it was done just by two guys from (surprise!) Ukraine! Oh yesh. Technically, it's a mishmash of first Mortal Kombat game, second Mortal Kombat game and, indeed, first Mortal Kombat movie. The two new characters are actually the creators of AWSMK, stylized exclusively for the game's universe, but, even if you're gonna laugh now... such self-insert that would be considered silly by may... WORKED.Because The Quiet Video Game Nerd already did an intro of it and the entire playthrough of this game evaporated into nowhere, I guess it's just a perfect day to fix the situation. Of course, the first impression would be a bit blurry and negative: small sprites blended into the background fighting each other... Nevertheless, it's complete, it works, and it's playable, really. At least until the mirror matches come in play, when you won't be able to distinguish your guy from the enemy's guy :P But that's not a bother: the continues are infinite, so you don't have to worry on selecting the other character.Oh, and the MUSAK.The thing I was doing on the title screen is... you guessed it: inputting cheats for unlocking the other characters, all four are seen on the little readme before the game. Goro is, obviously, un-unlockable.If you're still in doubt whether this thing will work on your Spectrum 128K, I'll reply: of course. As soon as you have a disk drive for 5-inch floppies. But no worries: if you can decompile that, it's pretty possible we'll see the tape version of it soon enough! XD

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:10:32
Автор: Crash Nicker
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