1080 Snowboarding

Keycode Required
Enable Code (Must Be On) DE000400 0000
Infinite Lives in Match Race 8026B1CB 0003
Unlimited Boards in Match Race 8026B1CB 0005
Invisible (Dion Blaster) 800F507D 0075
Unlock All Tracks 81255088 00FF
Unlock Level/Character Modifier [Note 4] 8125508A 00??
Have All Training Options Done & Have Access To Penguin Board [Note 1] 8925508E FFFF
88255090 00FF
Have Panda Training Options Done [Note 2] 88255091 00FF
Have All Trick Attack's Done 81255096 FCFF
Have All Contest First Place Done 80244098 0007
Unlock All Boarders & Levels [Note 3][Note 4] 81255088 00FF
8125508A 0005
81255096 FCFF
80255098 0007
Quantity Digits to Accompany Open Level/Character Modifier Code
01 - Easy Level
02 - Easy & Normal Level
03 - Easy, Normal & Hard Levels
04 - Easy, Normal, Hard Levels & Crystal Boarder
05 - Easy, Normal, Hard Levels, Crystal & Gold Boarders

Note 1: Press the GS Button at the main menu, where you select what mode you are going to play. Then, hold C-Down and then press A on the screen where you select your board to get the Penguin board. It will not show you have the Penguin board until you are in the level, and all players can use the Penguin board.

Note 2: Press the GS Button at the main menu, like above and it will complete all the things only the Panda can do.

Note 3: This code is a combination of Unlock All Tracks, Open Level/Character Modifier, All Trick Attacks Done & All Contest First Place Done. So do not use this code with any other codes. You need them all to have access to the Panda Boarder.

Note 4: To be the Crystal boarder, select Akari Hayami, hold C-Left, and press A at his statistics screen. To be the Gold boarder, select Kensuke Kimachi, hold C-Up, and press A at his statistics screen. To be the Panda boarder, select Rob Haywood, hold C-Right, and press A at his statistics screen.

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