WaterWorld for Virtual Boy FAQ

by BHodges

Version 1.3
Created 09/20/02
Updated 08/27/15

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy
III. Automatic Pause
IV. Background Story and Useless Trivia
 A. Background Story
 B. Useless Trivia
V. Playing the Game
 A. Controls
 B. Basic Gameplay
 C. Hints
 D. Scoring
VI. Enemy Descriptions
VII. My High Score
VIII. Game Review
IX. Version History
X. Contact Information

I. Introduction

This is a FAQ for the Virtual Boy game WaterWorld. It contains a list of
controls, a description of gameplay, and a mini-review.

Waterworld was developed by Ocean and released in December of 1995. The game
is based on the movie of the same name and plays like a 3D version of Defender.
Your goal is to protect Enola and the atollers from being abducted by the
Deacon's minions.

II. Adjusting the Virtual Boy

After the Precaution Message the Adjustment Screen will be displayed. Taking
the time to properly adjust the Virtual Boy will reduce eye strain and maximize
the 3D effect. It is recommended you adjust the Virtual Boy before each play

Adjustment procedure:

1.) Press your face firmly against the eyeshade. Please note that if you
 typically wear eyeglasses or contacts then you will need to wear them
 will playing the Virtual Boy.
2.) Rotate the IPD dial left/right until you can clearly see four VB boxes in
 the corners.
3.) Move the Focus slider to the center position then slide it left/right
 until the screen is in focus.
4.) Continue to tweak the IPD dial and the Focus slider until both the center
 image and the four VB boxes are in focus.
5.) Press start when you have finished.


III. Automatic Pause

Every Virtual Boy game has an Auto Pause feature. If Auto Pause is active,
after 15 minutes of play the game will automatically pause at the end of a 
stage and display a splash screen reminding you to take a short break to rest
your eyes.

The Auto Pause menu will be displayed immediately after the Adjustment Screen
when you first power on the Virtual Boy. Auto Pause always defaults to ON
and can be toggled ON or OFF by pressing left/right on the left control pad.
Press start or A when you are done.


IV. Background Story and Useless Trivia

A. Background Story

This is the background story from the instruction booklet:

"Some time in the future, a shift of the earth's polar axis has resulted in
a world of endless water where those who managed to survive reverted to a
primitive form of life. All that is left is the search for dry land.

Floating cities, called Atolls serve as a place of habitat for a simple
and moral type of people who work to protect precious water, soil, seed,
and other highly valuable resources that are essential for their existence.

More mobile and larger in numbers than the Atollers are a gang of pillaging
Smokers, led by the evil Deacon. Their efforts are focused entirely on
attaining and controlling anything and everything to build their evil

In half wrecked Atolls, the last remaining Atollers are waiting to be
rescued. As the Mariner, your mission is to prevent Smokers from enslaving
them. The Smokers most prized target is a little girl named Enola, who
has a map to dry land tattoed on her back. In the game, Enola is the 
floating Atoller that flashes. If you are able to prevent Enola from
being captured, at the end of the round the bonus multiplier will increase."

B. Useless Trivia

- This game was only released in the US. 
- This game is considered to be the rarest of the 14 VB games released in 
 the US.

V. Playing the Game

A. Controls

Move Forward Press Up on either control pad or press and hold
 A, B, or Select

Move Right Press right on either control pad

Move Left Press left on either control pad

Fire Press either the R or L button

Pause Press the start button

Add extra player Press A while the game is paused
(Up to 9 total)

Bird's Eye View Press down on either control pad

Reset Press A, B, Select, and Start simultaneously

B. Basic Gameplay

The object of the game is to keep the Smokers from capturing the Atollers.
When a Smoker grabs an atoller, his jetski will begin to flash and he will
head toward the edge of the playing area. If he reaches it, the atoller 
will be lost.

If you destroy the jetski before it reaches the edge, the atoller will be
dropped. If you run over an atoller, he or she will be sent back to the 
middle of the atoll.

If all the Atollers are captured, you will be attacked by a wave of PT 
boats. If you manage to destroy all of them, you will get Enola back
at the end of the round.

If an enemy runs into you, you will lose a life. After you are hit, you
will be invincible for a short time.

Once you destroy all the enemies, the round will end. You will receive
one additional atoller for the next round if you have 10 or less. If you
lost Enola, you will get her back as your additional atoller.

At the beginning of a new round, the atoll will be rebuilt, but the atollers
will remain in the same spot.

C. Hints

- Concentrate on saving Enola in order to get higher scores.
- You can only deploy four shots at a time so don't fire blindly.
- You can crash through the atoll to clear a lane for your shots.
- Keeping the atollers close to the atoll makes guarding them much
- Your Trimaran is fast enough to outrun all enemies except PT boats.
- Keep moving to avoid being hit.
- You can shoot Tracker Sharks to slow them down, but your best bet is to
 finish the round as quickly as possible.
- Between rounds while your score is being tabulated, you can still move
 around. Use this time to run over any atollers that remain away from
 the atoll and return them to it.
- There is no final round, the game continues until you run out of lives.

D. Scoring

During Round

Smokers 100 points
Berserkers 200 points
Thrashers 300 points
Seekers 400 points
PT boats 0 points

End of round tally
Atollers 100 points
Hands Off bonus 500 points
Survival 1000 points
Saved All Atollers 500 points

Enola Multiplier(1x - 8x)

You receive an extra life every 25,000 points


You get a Hands Off bonus if none of the Atollers were picked up
by an enemy during the round.

You get a Survival bonus if you did not die during the round.

If Enola was not captured at the end of the round, it will show her
picture and the multiplier will increase by 1. If she is captured, a
picture of the Deacon will be shown and the mulitplier will reset to 1. 
Your end of round tally is multiplied by this multiplier to determine the 
number of bonus points you will receive. 

VI. Enemy Descriptions

Note: All enemies except for Tracker Sharks can be killed with one shot.

Smokers, Berserkers, Thrashers, and Seekers

These are your main concern. They are mounted on jet skis and will try
to capture the atollers. As the rounds increase, they become increasingly
difficult to fend off. 


Smokers are the first enemies you encounter. They are the slowest enemies
and aren't that difficult to defeat. They are worth 100 points.


These look like Smokers except they will jump into the air. They are
slightly faster than Smokers. Berserkers are worth 200 points.


These look like Smokers except they will jump and do 360 spins in the air.
They are much more accurate in their attacks. They are worth 300 points.


The most difficult enemies. They are very fast and agile. They are worth
400 points.

PT Boats

Sometimes they will appear at the beginning of the round. They will not
abduct atollers but will instead try to smash through the atoll and crash
into you. They are very fast and agile. They are worth 0 points.

Tracker Sharks

You cannot kill Tracker Sharks. You can shoot them to slow them down a
bit. When you hear an alarm go off it means a Tracker Shark is
approaching. They will go away after the round is over.

VII. My High Score

My High Score is 117,600 points in round 11.

The highest round I have reached is 11.

VIII. Game Review

This game is a very bad remake of Defender. It makes poor use of the movie
license, and makes no sense (How does the atoll get magically rebuilt at
the beginning of the next round and how do you get Enola back after she
has been captured or eaten?). My advice is to leave this game to the
collectors. This is definitely the second worst Virtual Boy game after
Virtual Lab.


+ I really can't think of anything good to say about this game.


- Really poor graphics. The ocean is just a flat black nothingness.
 There are really no 3D effects.
- Gameplay gets stale in a hurry. The game just isn't fun, which is
 surprising since Ocean usually does top quality work.
- You can have up to nine players alternate using one Virtual Boy, but
 this is cumbersome because you have to re-adjust it at the start of
 every turn.
- The playfield is really small, especially for a game that takes
 place on an endless ocean.
- Copies of the game are hard to find and can cost over $60.

IX. Version History

1.3 08/27/15 Updated Introduction, Adjusting the Virtual Boy, Automatic
 Pause, Game Review, Contact Information, and header. Made
 a ton of formatting changes.

1.2 09/18/08 Made some formatting changes. Removed incorrect fact from
 Useless Trivia section.

1.1 06/05/03 Added Useless Trivia. Made some format changes. Added more
 legal stuff to the header. Added some more strategies.
 Expanded the Table of Contents and section labels.

1.0 09/20/02 Created FAQ

X. Contact information

You can contact me at bhodges080@aol.com

Please leave constructive comments. I especially appreciate emails letting me
know if I have made a mistake, missed anything, or if you have any ideas for
improving this FAQ.




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