Virtual Boy Wario Land

Unlock The Endings
If you don't find the 10 treasures, then your coins will determine which of the 4 different credits animations you'll get. If you find all 10 treasures, then you'll see two different credits animations depending if you finished the game in less than 2 hours or over 2 hours. The "over 2 hours" animation is different if you finish on the second quest. Dying has no bearing in what ending you'll get.

Totaka's Song
After the end credits, wait at the “END” screen for a few minutes without pressing a button and you’ll hear the 19-note tune known as Totaka’s Song.

Different Ending
To see a different ending, get all the treasures and beat the game without dying even once.

Expert Mode
To unlock Expert Mode complete the Normal Mode with all of the treasures.

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