SD Gundam Dimension War

SD Gundam Dimension War is a 1995 tactical role-playing video game published for the Virtual Boy in Japan by Bandai. Being the system's only licensed game in Japan, it is part of the SD Gundam series, a spin-off of the larger Gundam franchise by Sotsu and Sunrise. Players control a fleet of robots and vehicles as they set out to rid the galaxy of enemies, with gameplay involving moving robots towards opponents and engaging in combat sequences.

Developed by Locomotive Corporation, Dimension War is the last Virtual Boy game released in Japan, produced following a final call from Nintendo before they ceased support for the system. It is one of few Gundam games not to have any involvement from Tose, who developed the majority of games in the series up to that point. Retrospectively, Dimension War received largely negative reviews for its structure, pacing, and combat scenarios, and is listed as being one of system's worst titles. It is one of the rarest and most sought-after Virtual Boy games, with original copies selling for over US$1000 in the second-hand market.

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