Putty Squad


  • Level Passwords

    After the title screen choose select password and enter the following chain.

    Effect Password
    Area 02 The Bazaar Al Kebab BZTPJ
    Area 03 Downtown Klud LYQCB
    Area 04 The Jungles of Squirt TXMJD
    Area 05 Dr. Sushi’s Laboratory of Terror KFTWF
    Area 06 Dr. Sushi’s Dinner of Fear GNHZX
    Area 07 The House of Fun SHCLB
    Area 08 Major Smith’s Escape Tunnel VMCRM
    Area 09 The Gateway to the North GKSTX
    Area 10 The Tower of London FRLDK
    Area 11 Jumble Street WWFPM
    Area 12 Cloud Castle YVLPD
    Area 13 The Wizard’s Frozen Garden GXDKP
    Area 14 The Depths of Despair JPWSW
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