Judge Dredd


Cheat Mode
At the copyright information screen. Names of the development team will appear in green when entered correctly, then a second text screen will appear warning you about cheating.

Effect    Code
Cheat Mode    Quickly press Left, Up, X, Up, Right, Y
Energy Gain - Health gradually restores automatically. Pausing the game restores full health immediately.    While the phrase "Say no to cheats" appears, press B and X at the same time.
Level Select    While the phrase "Say no to cheats" appears, press A and Y at the same time, then press Select during gameplay.

Cheat Mode and Level Select
Effect    Password
02    QBGB
03    VPFD
04    CPRY
05    FCWZ
06    RLFJ
07    CBBY
08    TDYT
09    KKBG
10    VYRX
11    CNRN
12    CRQF
13    DXHG
14    QBTV
15    TMKT
16    VMTB
17    XCWV
18    TQZH

Level Passwords
Effect    Password
Aboard Justice One    YGRZ
Breakout at Aspen    QBGB
Locate Rico    FCWZ
RC4 Hostage Situation    DXHG

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