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幕末降臨伝 ONI Bakumatsu kourinden ONI / Part 1 - Japanese/English (Codes, Secrets, Passwords, Cheats, Combo (Eng))

幕末降臨伝 ONI
Bakumatsu kourinden ONI - End of Edo era advent legend ONI

Walkthrough v1.0 (12/14/99) by akujin (akujin_@hotmail.com)

There is a small amount of Japanese EUC-JIS encoded text in this doc. If you
see ASCII garbled text, that means it's in Japanese and you aren't using a
Japanese text-viewing program. I recommend using NJWIN which is available at
www.njstar.com for viewing EUC-JIS encoded text.

Planned for future versions:
-More plot summary
-Finish off walkthrough of the last bit of the game that isn't in this
-Translate Kenjutsu descriptions
-Add where/how to get Kami-oroshi
-Anything else anyone wants me to add (let me know)
-Fix any mistakes (let me know)


I. Menu and game control information
II. Character information
III. The Karma system
IV. Storyline
V. Intro translation
VI. Game walkthrough
VII. Kenjutsu list
VIII. Houjutsu list
IX. Kami-oroshi list
X. Item list
XI. NPC list

I. Menu and game control information

Battle Menu
防御 (Bougyou) Defend
道具 (Dougu) Item
攻撃 (Kougeki) Attack
術 (Jutsu) Technique
*転身 (Tenshin) Turnover (change)
逃走 (Tousou) Escape

* Tenshin is not available until later in the game.

When you choose "Jutsu" another menu will appear, allowing you to
choose which type of skill to use:

Jutsu Menu
法術 (Houjutsu) Magic technique
剣術 (Kenjutsu) Sword technique
神降 (Kami-oroshi) God summon

Underwater Battle menu
防御 (Bougyou) Defend
道具 (Dougu) Item
攻撃 (Kougeki) Attack
息継ぎ (Ikitsugi) Breathing spell (Go up to surface for air)
逃走 (Tousou) Escape

体力(Tairyoku "Physical power"-white numbers) HP basically. When the
enemies hit you, this decreases. If it hits 0 the character
is dead until the battle is over or a revival item is used.
Items like Yakusou and Ninyaku restore tairyoku.
魔力(Maryoku "Magic power"-blue numbers) MP basically. Houjutsu and
Kami-oroshi use maryoku. Items like Seisui and Seihousui
restore maryoku.
霊力(Reiryoku "Spirit power"-green numbers) I'll abbreviate it SP in
this document. Kenjutsu require reiryoku points. Later in
the game, using the Tenshin ability also uses reiryoku
points. Reiryoku is slowly regenerated just by walking
around (1 pt per step).

II. Character information
These are my translations of the character descriptions in the japanese
game manual.

Yamatomaru (大和丸):
A bright, strong-willed, compassionate 16-year-old boy. He lives in
Iida village, near Koufu. His father has recently passed away. After
failing to defeat a monster in his village, and being saved by Mibu
Juurouta, he sets off with his father's sword on a journey with
Tenshin form: 覇光童子 Hakoudouji

Saigami Natsume (才神夏芽):
The youngest daughter of the Saigami family, famous for its magical
ability. Possesses strong magical ability, but it has not yet bloomed
in her. A meek, innocent 15-year-old girl.
Tenshin form: 倉牙天子 Sougatenshi

Saigami Touya (才神冬夜):
The eldest son of the Saigami family. A man of the utmost ability, his
one weakness is his fondness for his younger sister Natsume. 30 years
Tenshin form: 緋空翼姫 Hikuuyokuhi

Mibu Juurouta (壬生十郎太):
A warrior from the end of the Edo area. Juurouta destroys monsters as
part of the Shadow Shinsengumi organization. A member of a famous
family. 22 years old.
Tenshin form: 顕祀烈士 Kenkoretsushi

Squanto (スクアント):
A young, overly-serious native american man. 25 years old. Protected a
small country as the "Guardian" but has fallen into a deep sleep in a
Tenshin form: 漆威武漢 Shitsuibukan

Okita Soushi (沖田総司):
A bright, carefree young man. When he takes hold of his sword, however,
he is a master of the school of Tennenrishin. You can tell from one glance
that he belongs to the Shinsengumi.

Hijikata Toshizou (土方歳三):
Second-in-command of the Shinsengumi Oni. Considers Okita Soushi like a
younger brother. A master of Tennenrishin. He feels there is something
not quite right about the Shadow Shinsengumi.

Sakamoto Ryouma (坂本竜馬):
A great man who was a cornerstone both before and after the restoration.
With a sword he is a master of the Hokushin ichiriki style of Chiba.

San-hakase Alva (三博士 アルヴァ):
She has soft, blond hair and sapphire-colored eyes. She's a demon that
looks like an angel. Keeps Reimajuu (霊魔獣 spirit-demon-beast) monsters
created from spirit energy as pets and can control them at will. She is
one of the fearsome San-hakase.

San-hakase Raihi (三博士 ライヒ):
A tall, thin man who usually has a cynical smile on his face. He is the
leader of the San-hakase. He has the ability to create Reimajuu monsters
using spirit energy.

San-hakase Tesla (三博士 テスラ):
A mad scientist who spends his days doing evil research. He collects spirit
energy and studies its effects on human beings. The Reimajuu monsters are
the result of his research.

Sharita Rish (シャリタ・リッシュ):
As the fingers of the San-hakase, he destroyed Squanto's kingdom. Fell in
love with Princess Tamiara, but was unable to get her. Because of that, he
burns with vindictiveness and wants to destroy Squanto. His personality is
hysteric because of his arrogance. He transforms into the incarnation of a

Siren (セイレン):
A monster whose wings were snatched away by Suima, and now is cursed and
unable to leave the Grande river. She would like to regain her wings by
exchanging something for them.

Ihika (イヒカ):
Survivors of a race that ruled the surface of the earth long before humans.
They had the power to control the reiketsu but because of a mistake in its
use the surface of the earth was devastated. They help the hero and his
allies to make sure the humans don't make the same mistake.

III. The Karma system

Karma level Title Translation
0 Gokuakunin Very wicked person
1-10 Nushi mo waruyonou Almighty evil
11-20 Otazunemono Wanted person
21-30 Akunin Bad person
31-40 Furyou Not good
41-50 Futsuu no hito Normal person
51-60 Ii hito Good person
61-70 Zennin Great person
71-80 Oeraisan Excellent
81-90 Odeekan-sama ???
91-99 Sennin-sama Sage/Wizard
100 Kami-sama mitai God-like

-When your karma is 20 or below, you will receive no money when you
defeat enemies. Enemies will not leave items behind. The power of
Kami-oroshi decreases. In addition, samurai and rounin in towns will
attack you.
-When your karma is 0 you cannot use Kami-oroshi. In battle, you will
make no critical hits.
-When your karma is 81 or above, the chance of finding items after
battle and the amount of money you receive increases. When shopping
in towns, the price of items is lower than usual.
-When your Karma is 91 or above the power of Kami-oroshi increases.
Your critical hit rate is also doubled.
-If your karma reaches 100, return to your mother's house for
something good...

Tips for increasing your karma rating:
-Don't search pots, dressers, etc. in people's houses. That's stealing.
-Answer correctly in story events. In some events, you are given a choice.
Choosing the more gallant or brave choice is bound to increase your karma
rating. The first example of this type of event I know right now is the
choice of whether or not to go with Natsume during the event on Mt.
Tsurugi. Be sure to choose "yes". Also when you are asked if you will
defeat the monster on Hitokui mountain, say yes the first time.
-Help people. Some people request items from you, ask for help, etc. When
you help them out, your karma increases.

Some examples of people to help:
-Take the old woman in Nikkou village to Edo.
-Give the girl in Grande village an "America no hiyaku".
-Help the sick old man in the inn in Toyama village.
-In Kagoshima, give the old woman a "Kintan".
-Tell all of the ghosts in towns about the Youkai village.

I'm sure there are others. I'll add any I find to future versions.

Of course, if you want to decrease your karma, just do the opposite of

IV. Storyline- Translated from the Japanese game manual.

The time is the end of the Edo period.

The world of Edo, consumed by a peaceful sleep for 300 years was awoken by the
arrival of 4 steamships. One after another the emissaries of the foreign
nations appeared. Their demand was the dissolution of 300 years of Japanese
isolationism. But this has already been written of in the history books. Their
real purpose was quite different... To utilize Japan's "reiketsu"*.

In the spirit country, Japan, the existence of the "reiketsu" has been known
since ancient times. The reiketsu are spiritual magnet-like places that exert
their influence over all things because of the spirit energy erupting out of

The Tokugawa clan, knowing of the existence of the reiketsu, formed the
shogunate in Edo. More than 300 years later, the spirit energy in Edo began
to run dry. As the reiketsu at Edo lost its power, so the reiketsu everywhere
in Japan became unstable. Because of this, the spirit power began to benefit
evil creatures that had been sealed up for millenia. From the inside, the
ghosts. From the outside the well executed influence of foreign nations. The
shogunate, driven into a corner from both without and within organized the
famous Shinsengumi special force.

The Shinsengumi organization in the town of Kyou was rumored to be "more
frightening that the demons"; but that was, in fact, not an exaggeration.

In addition to its outer mission of clearing out forces that would try to
overthrow the shogunate, buried in the darkness of the past there also existed
the "Shadow Shinsengumi". The duty of the "Shadow" was to take care of "those
things the human hand cannot manage".

Their opponents were the rampaging ghosts who were disturbing the world. This
is a story of the end of the Edo era, but centered around the control of the

Back and front, front and back, where does the truth lie? That you shall
discover at the end of a long journey...

* Reiketsu (霊穴) literally means "spirit hole".

V. Intro translation

Shinsengumi: Open up! Open this door!!
Shinsengumi: Open up! If you won't open it we'll force our way in!
Kondou: We are the Shinsengumi!! Keep quiet!!
Hijikata: The enemy should be on the second floor! Don't let a single one
Hijikata: Well done. Tie all of them up.
Shinsengumi soldiers: Yes sir!
Okita: We've caught all of them. Is it true that some among them are not
Juurouta: Let's find out.
Juurouta: Reveal your true form!!
Hijikata: What the!?
Ghost: Keeeee!!
Juurouta: Damn!
Okita: Look out!!
Okita: Uughh!
Hijikata: Soushiiiiiii!?
Ghost: Gukya!
Juurouta: Damn, did it get away?!
Hijikata: Are you OK, Soushi!? Hang in there!
Okita: I, I'm all right. They really were ghosts... they surprised me.
Hijikata: You damn fool, you're not all right! That's a serious wound!
Juurouta: Kondou-san.... Sorry, two of them got away. I'm going after them.
Kondou: OK, be careful.
Jurouta: They will not escape from me.
Hijikata: Kondou-san... What the hell is Juurouta talking about!? The ghosts
can simply disappear into the human population from what I've heard!
Kondou: ....Even I don't quite understand it. But something is happening in
this country. I'm sure of that.
Okita: ........
Hijikata: Don't overdo it Soushi.
Okita: I told you, I'm all right. The more important thing is where
Juurouta-san has gone.
Kondou: Juurouta will be fine. Juurouta is a ghost extermination specialist;
part of the 'Shadow' Shinsengumi...

VI. Game walkthrough

1)飯田町 (Iida village)First, Yamatomaru's mother tells him to go into the
shed south of the house and get her letter-box. Bring it back to the house
and she gives him his father's katana. Then a child comes in and says that
some children have been captured on the mountain to the west. Of course,
Yamatomaru volunteers to go rescue them.

2)丸山(Mt. Maru)-Go west from Iida to get to the mountain. Go up the mountain
to a small cave entrance. Defeat the monster inside to save the children.

Back at the village, while the villagers are talking to you, the monster
from the intro comes in. Yamatomaru tries to fight it, but can't win. Then
十郎太(Juurouta) comes in and attacks the monster, which escapes.
Juurouta tells Yamatomaru that he can sense the strong potential in him and
that he should come to the village 富山村(Tomiyama village) and see him.
Back at Yamatomaru's house, he tells his mother that he wants to leave the
village to "become stronger" and follow in his father's footsteps. She agrees,
but tells him to at least wait till morning ^_^ The next morning they see
him off.

3)Head north to Tomiyama. Juurouta is standing by the bank of the river.
After Yamatomaru tells Juurouta that he wishes to travel with him, Juurouta
tells you your next destination is 皆神山(Mt. Minagami) to the east where
the monster from Iida village has fled to.

4)皆神山(Mt. Minagami)-When you first get there, you'll see the monster open
a hidden door in the mountainside. Juurouta comments that that's where you
need to go (duh!). search the area the monster was standing in front of to
find a switch (hmm, wonder what it does?). Inside the cave, you find a
mechanism on the wall. The characters comment that it looks like it can be
pushed and you are given a choice whether to do so or not. Choose yes to
open a door north of the mechanism. When you find the monsters standing in
front of a big pit, the characters are wondering what to do when the monsters
suddenly turn and attack. After the battle, One of the monsters jumps into
the pit, causing an earthquake. Juurouta and Yamatomaru go outside, and the
cave collapses behind them. Juurouta says that you should head southwest to
the capital.

5)京 (Kyou)Cross the bridge west of Iida to get to the capital. In the
Shinsengumi house Juurouta will introduce you to the leaders of the
Shinsengumi. Afterwards, you have to go with some of the Shinsengumi soldiers
on missions to clear out ghosts in the town. Talk to the soldiers in the front
room and answer yes when they ask you to go with them. These are the missions:

Samurai name Task
源三郎 (Gensaburou)- Go to the bridge southwest of the Shinsengumi house.
A woman will come out and turn into a demon you must

左之助 (Sanosuke)- Go out the north exit of the town to the temple and fight
the demon there.

藤堂 (Todou)- Go to the item shop directly west of the Shinsengumi house.
Talk to the woman there and then search the boxes directly
north of her. Defeat the demon in one of those boxes.

新八 (Shinpachi)- Go to the house directly to the east of the Shinsengumi
house and talk to the old woman there. Defeat the demon
that has possessed her son.

沖田 (Okita)- Leave the Shinsengumi house and go to the right. Your
characters will stop, the screen will darken, and two
demons will walk toward you from the north. Destroy them.

斉藤 (Saitou)- Go to the temple out of the north east exit of the town. If
you talk to the monk at the entrance of the temple, he'll
ask you to defeat the demon rat in the temple. When you
go in, Yamatomaru will take on the rat alone.

6)出雲村(Izumo village) In the upper right corner of the town is what appears
to be a house that has been destroyed. Search the round lid in the upper
right to find a hole. Down below you encounter 夏芽(Natsume) who tells you
how she came to be down there. She suggests you go to 八束山(Mt. Yatsuka).

7) 岡山村(Okayama village) Go south of Izumo to get here. This is basically
just a stopover on the way to the mountain for now. Buy some armor if you
can afford it, then head north and west to Mt. Yatsuka.

8) 八束山(Mt. Yatsuka) When you first arrive, Natsume will suddenly show
up and join you. Further up the mountain, there is a cave entrance.
The characters are unable to enter and Natsume says that you should get her
brother to go with you, because he might be able to break the seal that
is stopping you from going in. So that's what the characters decide to do.
If you try to go into the cave now, the game will stop you and say you don't
have her brother with you yet. On your way back down the mountain, though,
one of the Shinsengumi soldiers runs up and tells you that they have found
the place where the demons have been gathering. He says it's near Tomiya (the
town in which Juurouta joined you). He tells you to hurry there. Yamatomaru
is worried because Tomiyama village is near Iida, his hometown where his
mother is. Natsume remarks that that village is quite far away to the east.
(You might want to use the Kujaku no hane you should have found on the
mountain to warp to Tomiyama).

9) 大石神社(Ooishi shrine)When you arrive here, a voice starts speaking to
you. It gives you the clue "The second tree from the left behind the shrine".
Upon investigation of the tree, the three characters push it and uncover
a hole. The hole opens up on a cave. At the end of the cave is a large hole.
After some dialogue, a monster appears out of the hole (石神 Ishigami). After
defeating the monster (just use regular attacks as Juurouta's jutsu don't
work on it), the characters seal the hole and are told by a mysterious voice
that there is another pit like this one to the north east that they also
must seal.

10)日光村 (Nikkou village) North east of Ooishi jinja. An old woman in this
village will ask you to take her to 江戸(Edo). That's about all there is to
do here for now.

11)江戸城下町(Edo castle-town) Located south of Nikkou. If you brought
the old woman from Nikkou she thanks you and leaves as soon as you enter.
Also, there are three characters that will offer to become your ally. One
is a sumo wrestler named Kamonoseki. I strongly suggest you have him join. In
battle, his sumo attack does a lot of damage to the enemy. The other two
guys, Densuke and Kotarou, ask for 400g and 200g respectively before they'll
join up.

12)宝珠山(Mt. Houju) Located north of Nikkou. Near the top of the mountain
is a small temple, and a building that looks like a warehouse. First, go
into the temple and talk to the priest there. He says that his "Holy flame"
has gone out. Now go outside and check the wharehouse. It's locked. Go back
to the priest. He tells you that it's not really a wharehouse, and inside
is the entrance to a cave. If you will go to ひえい山(Mt. Hiei) for him
and bring back the holy flame from the temple there, he says he'll lend
you the key. Mt. Hiei is near Kyou. You can see it to the northwest if you
stand outside Kyou. However, to get to it you'll have to go north, then cut
west, back south and east past a couple of towns. You can't enter the second
town. If you try, Juurouta will say "What business do we have here?".

13)ひえい山 (Mt. Hiei) At the top of the mountain is another temple, like
the one at Mt. Houju. Talk to the priest and he'll give you the holy flame.
A man in the other room will give you food which will restore your HP. The
girl offers to become your ally.

14)Mt. Houju again. Give the holy flame to the priest and he'll give you the
key, as promised. Now go into the building next to the temple. On the left
side, you'll find a thing that looks like a sign. After reading it, walk into
the space where it was sitting and you'll see a short scene in which 5 people
are about to enter a cave full of the same demons that the Shinsengumi have
been fighting. After the scene, your 3 characters get up off of the ground
in a new cave, wondering if the scene they just saw was some kind of dream.

At the end of the cave is another 霊穴 (Reiketsu- "spirit/soul pit".)
Upon arriving here, Natsume will try to seal it, like the last one. When she
does so, a sword comes rising up out of it. The game cuts to the five
characters that were shown about to enter the cave. This time you get to
control them ^_^ At the end of this short cave, they fight a wall, and then
it goes back to the main characters. The sword floats toward Juurouta.
Juurouta says that the characters 大典太 are written on it (the sword's name-
Oodenta). Oodenta starts off almost definitely weaker than the sword Juurouta
currently has, but it increases in strength as it gains experience and can
learn 剣術 (kenjutsu-sword techniques). When you leave the cave and enter the
wharehouse again, a Shinsengumi soldier runs up and says that demons are
brutalizing Juurouta's hometown of 六甲村(Rokkou). Natsume asks if that's
the village near Kyou (the one you couldn't enter before). Juurouta says that
it is. Yamatomaru says "Let's hurry there!"

15)六甲村(Rokkou village) Located west of Kyou, near the mountain where you
have to get the holy flame. It's a far walk from Mt. Houju so you might want
to use the Kujaku no hane that was in the cave you just finished to get
there (if you picked it up, that is).
In the town go to the large house at the far side of the town. This is
Juurouta's family's house. When you go in, one of the demons is about to attack
a woman. Yamatomaru yells "Look out!" and kills it. Then, several samurai run
in and greet Juurouta. You are separated, and when Juurouta returns, Natsume
and Yamatomaru are shocked that "he" looks so much like a "she". Yamatomaru
asks why he looks like a woman. Natsume wonders if that's his preference and
says he's very pretty. One of the samurai asks "Why shouldn't she look like a
woman?". Natsume and Yamatomaru start stammering and run back and forth.
Juurouta notices they're surprised that she's actually a woman (Natsume's sort
of had a crush on "him" up to this point). After some more scenes, they tell
you you must go to a place south of the village.

16)六甲荒れ地(Rokkou wasteland) When you enter, the characters
hear the mysterious voice again. It tells you that if the step on the design
to the east of the entrance, they will be instantaneously transported. You
have to use the transporters to warp your way around the mountain. Eventually,
a transporter will warp you to a new area on a different island.

17)あわじ島荒れ地 (Awajitou wasteland) There is a stone blocking the door
to the cave. The characters are wondering what they're going to do about
it when the sword, Oodenta, clears the way for them. Yamatomaru says another
reiketsu is close by. When you go in, a monster comes in behind you and
attacks. After the fight, the monster says his friends are on the way.
Juurouta says you better seal the hole quickly, before they get there.
After Natsume seals the hole, another sword appears and the monster's
buddies arrive. Suddenly, lightning bolts hit the monsters and again it
shifts to the five strong characters from the last reiketsu. Walk through the
cave until you see one of the monsters standing by a wall. If you talk to
it, it'll tell you you'll have to defeat him if you want to get by (that
should be absolutely no problem) and attacks you. After the fight, they
find a girl unconscious. After a discussion about whether or not the should
take her with them, they decide she can come along. She says her name is
みなみ Minami. Then it goes back to the main characters, who are wondering
where the lightning bolts came from. One of them wonders if the sword did
that, and a voice says yes. The characters start looking around for the
source of the voice, and the sword moves forward and asks where they are
looking. It says that it's name is 数珠丸(Juzumaru). It also talks about
another sword (三日月 Mikazuki) that is in a reiketsu. It says you must
go to a waterfall at 高千穂 (Takachiho) on the island of 九州 (Kyushu).
However, you'll need two special items to get there. One is the 青い宝珠(Aoi
houju) of Nikkou village and the other is the まがたま(Magatama) of Mt.
Yatsuka. It also tells you that collectively, the swords are called the
天下五剣 (Tenka go-ken / Five heavenly swords). Anyway, now you need to go
talk to the chief of Nikkou village.

18)日光村 (Nikkou village) and フタラ山 (Mt. Futara) After a long
conversation, the chief will take you to Mt. Futara. He wants you
to defeat the monster there before he'll give you the Aoi houju. At the peak
of the mountain, Natsume will act as the bait for a monster that the village
has been making sacrifices to. The chief wants you to kill it. When it appears,
Yamatomaru and Juurouta run in to join in the fight. After it's defeated,
and they're all congratulating Natsume, the monster suddenly appears again and
grabs her, saying it's going to eat her. Suddenly, an unknown person destroys
the monster. This happens to be 冬夜(Touya), Natsume's big brother. He wonders
what she's doing in a place like this. She says that she volunteered to be
the sacrifice so they could get the monster. Touya gets pissed, and looks
like he's about to attack Yamatomaru and Juurouta for making her do such a
dangerous thing. She runs in front of him and tells him that they're her
friends. She says it wasn't their idea anyway, it was the chief of Nikkou.
At that, Touya takes off down the mountain. They keep talking and suddenly,
Natsume gets worried that her brother has gone to do something to the chief of
Nikkou village. She says you should go.

Back in the chief's house, Touya is indeed pissed at the guy. The main
characters tell the chief to give him the item he promised, and then they'll
tell Natsume to tell her brother to let him go. The chief agrees, and the girl
gets it and gives it to you. Natsume tells Touya to let the chief go. Outside
the house, the characters ask Touya to go with them to Mt. Yatsuka, their next
destination. He agrees. Touya can use the sword Juzumaru.

19)八束山 (Mt. Yatsuka) This mountain is to the north east of Okayama village
or southwest of Izumo. If you stop by Izumo at this point, Natsume will ask if
you will rest here for the day. If you choose yes, a short scene involving her
brothers and her will occur. On the mountain, proceed to the cave entrance that
you couldn't enter before. Touya will break the seal and allow you to enter it.
At the end of the cave, you find the Magatama sitting in a web over a pit.
Natsume says she'll get it, because she's the lightest and the web won't
support the other's weight very well. When she reaches the Magatama some
spiders attack her. Now the others have no choice but to go out on the web
and defeat the spiders. Each character takes on one spider alone. They're not
too tough. Anyway, after this and a short scene, you can leave the mountain.

Now that you have the two items, go to the dock on the far west side of
the island. The boatman will take you to Kyushu for 100G.

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