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Soleil (Crusader of Centy) FAQ/Walkthrough

Soleil FAQ / Walkthrough

For Sega Mega Drive
By CNash
Version 1.0
August 2003

This is a FAQ and Walkthrough for the RPG, Soleil, on the Sega Mega Drive. 
This FAQ is much nicer to read in Wordpad, Write or SimpleText, than in your 
browser or Notepad.

USAGE GUIDE (the legal stuff)

This FAQ may not be redistributed in any way, shape or form (including 
magazine articles and cover disks) without prior written consent of CNash 
(Chris Nash), and even so, must not be re-typed or corrected in any way. 
Non-compliance with these terms is a violation of copyright. Conversion to 
HTML format is prohibited. If you wish to host this FAQ, please e-mail me 
and I might agree to it.


1.) What is Soleil?
2.) Controls
3.) Items
4.) The Walkthrough
 1.) Soleil Town
 2.) Rafflesia School
 3.) The Playground.
 4.) Dahlia Valley
 5.) Anemone Beach
 6.) Hot Daisy
 7.) Burn Daisy
 8.) Iris
 9.) Camelia Desert
 10.) Tower of Babel
 11.) Castle Freesia
 12.) Root Temple
 13.) Tower of Babel revisited
 14.) Saint Heaven
 15.) Iris Past
 16.) Camelia Desert Pyramid
 17.) Burn Daisy Past
 18.) Anemone Beach Past
 19.) Dahlia Valley Past
 20.) Soleil Town Past
 21.) Black Night
 22.) Soleil Town - A Better Future
5.) Appendix: The Rafflesia School Quests.
6.) Animal Guide
7.) The End

1.) What is Soleil?

Soleil (pronounced "so-LAY", it's French for 'sun'), is an RPG in the style
of Legend of Zelda. Your character walks around villages battling monsters 
that actually appear on the playing field (not random battling in the style 
of Final Fantasy) using a sword. But in this game you have animals to help 
you. They give you special powers, and you often can't pass a level without 
them. You get certain animals in the course of the game, and must complete 
certain sidequests for the rest.

2.) Controls.

Button A: Sword, Talk, scroll the message box, select items of the Menu 
(Once you have the Sword Throwing ability, you can hold the button to power 
up and let go to throw your sword.)
Button B: Jump (once you have the Jump ability).
Button C: Animal Skill (once you have Johnny the dog).
Start: Menu, Pause.

Menu commands:

Save: Save your game.
Take off A: Take off Animal A.
Take off B: Take off Animal B.
Animal Icons: Use A to switch the Animal in box A or B to the selected one.

3.) Items.

Coin: Gives you one Malin (the currency of the Soleil world).
Bag of money: Gives you 50 Malins.
Apple: Restores 1 HP.
Gold Apple: Restores all HP.

4.) The Walkthrough.

I'm not going to take you through, describing every puzzle, as I think that 
although the game is very good to play, the puzzles are not much of a
challenge. The only ones that got me stumped were one of the rooms in the 
Tower of Babel, and Saint Heaven.

1.) Soleil Town.
Animals to get: None (Johnny the dog is here, but you can't get him yet).
Skills to get: Entry to Rafflesia.

You start off with your mom and three friends in your house. After your mom 
gives you your sword, talk to your friends for a bit and then go out. The
playground is off to the left, past the church, and the exit is to the south.
Feel free to explore the town, playground, and Dahlia Valley at this point, 
but you should head up to the castle to tell the king that you're 14, and 
you want entry into Rafflesia School.

2.) Rafflesia School
Animals to get: None.
Skills to get: Sword throwing.

Go out of the town and make your way north to Rafflesia School - that's the
place directly north of Soleil Town. The guard will let you pass.Inside the 
school there are three training courses and a house. There is a Sword
Thrower in the house who will teach you how to throw your sword, for 20 
Malins. Do the Beginner Course (see Appendix) and you'll find coins 
underneath the bushes. Learn the vital sword throwing skill, because the
Lion, Penguin, Dodo, Butterfly, Leviathan, and many other animals are useless
without it.

3.) Dahlia Valley.
Animals to get: None.
Skills to get: Jumping power.

This is your first real level with a boss. Work your way up the valley. The 
green bumps will shrink if they are hit with your sword, but will reappear 
soon after. The boarded-up boxes on the walls can be hit to make waterfalls 
that allow you to go back down to the bottom of the valley. The boss is 
hiding in a house which you can only get to by using the blocked-off
waterfall below and to the left of the rabbit's platform.

Very simple boss. Dodge his attacks and hit with the flying sword.
As with all bosses, your maximum HP will increase.

4.) The Playground.
Animals to get: Johnny the Dog.
Skills to get: Talk to animals.

Go into the playground at the exit to the west of Soleil Town.
Make your way to the area inside the flags and go into the fortune-teller's 
tent. She'll talk to you for a bit, then you can talk to animals and white 
flowers! The downside to this is that you can't talk to humans anymore. 
Talk to the flower outside the fortune-teller's tent and it'll tell you 
that she went to Iris. 
Go back into the town and talk to your dog, Johnny. He'll join your group. Go
to the rabbit at the top of Dahlia Valley, and Johnny will tell it that you 
are trustworthy. It'll give you the jumping power and allow you to exit the 

(From now on, you can pass straight through the valley without having to 
enter it. It works the same with all levels.)

5.) Anemone Beach
Animals to get: Penguin.
Skills to get: Lifting power.

The sand sometimes hides items. First, go to the second platform (near the 
ring of sand bumps). Use the flying sword to hit the switch on the other
side. Then, go back and climb onto the first platform, dodging the holes in
the floor. Keep going up and into the village.
You'll also find Sonic the Hedgehog here, for reasons best known to Sega. 
Regardless of what he says, you *won't* get burned if you touch him.

The shop in the village sells animals. At the moment, it only sells the Cat. 
Buy one for the battle ahead. Go to the house with the automatic door and 
jump on the platform a few times, then go in and talk to the elephant to 
get the lifting power.

Go out of the village using the north entrance. Lift the rock and throw it 
away. The trick here is to use the winds to boost your jumping power. Scout 
around the first area, pressing all the switches and collecting coins.
Then go back to the start of the area, and use the winds to jump across the
hole that you unblocked with the switch. Follow the path, using the boards
as water floats like the elephant showed you, until you come to lots of 
seperate platforms in the water, leading left and up. Wait for the wind to 
stop, then jump across as many platforms as you can before it starts again. 
You can't get blown off these platforms. The next screen holds the boss.

It can use ice power with the penguin, but you should be able to dodge 
them. Just use the flying sword on it multiple times.
The penguin, Penguy, will now join your party.

6.) Hot Daisy
Animals to get: None.
Skills to get: None.

Only the Penguin can defeat the fire monsters. If they touch the platform, 
they'll make it too hot to walk on. Use Penguy on the lava fountain to 
freeze it over, but this doesn't work for any other lava pits.
Go into the cave at the end (before the large lava pool) to reach Burn Daisy.

7.) Burn Daisy
Animals to get: Flying Squirrel.
Skills to get: None.

Most floors will break if you stand on them for too long. Some blocks can be
pushed, but this will let the fire out. Near the end of the level, a door
leads to a room that you can't get to, with a boss inside. So follow the 
path, jumping on the platforms, until you get to the boss.

If you attack any of it's pieces, you'll get hurt. Only do this once, and a 
piece will flash red. Keep your eye on this piece as they move around, 
then when they stop, attack it and the main boss will get hurt. Repeat this
procedure a number of times, and Ciel, the Flying Squirrel, will join your 

Head right once you get out of the cave. You're heading towards Iris.

8.) Iris
Animals to get: Cheetah, Caterpillar.
Skills to get: None.

The forests surrounding Iris are full of monsters. To get past some areas, 
you must hit the switches using the Flying Sword. You'll arrive in town, 
and since you can't talk to anyone, (except for the kid at the town
entrance - methinks this is a glitch as he says the same thing as the dog 
inside the house) you should head north to the crater.
Talk to the flower and it'll tell you that you just missed the fortune-
teller. Go out of the village by the east exit, and follow the forest path 
until you come to the Animal Village. 
East of here is the Racetrack, where you can race against the Cheetah, using
a car. If you win, he joins your group. (Hint: Talk to the Cheetah before 
the race to bribe him for 50 Malins).

Go out of the village and to the east again, to enter the purple forest. You 
see a slime on the other side of a fence. If you jump over it, you switch 
places with the slime! You can jump and move around, but can't do anything 
else. Go down and to the left, and you'll find a group of slimes who all 
call you "Slimey". Just then, Amon, the hero that you saw leaving Soleil 
Town, arrives, and starts to chase you. Don't worry if you die, you'll be 
brought back to the slime home. This is inside the tree near the group of 
slimes. Talk to the mother slime a few times, and she'll tell you that
to get back to your normal self, you must ask Klin. He's in his house, in 
the centre of the forest. Once you're done talking to him, go back to mother 
slime, then find the star shaped ground and jump on the middle of it 10 
Go to the witch's house, and she wants you to help her with an experiment. 
First, move the caterpillar over, then take the bird and bring the 
caterpillar back, then take the flower, then the caterpillar over. You are 
returned to your normal self, and you can jump over the switches and the 
hole to exit the area.

9.) Camelia Desert
Animals to get: Dinosaur.
Skills to get: None.

There are two exits to the first area of the desert - the one to the west 
will lead you to the big lake, which you can cross if you have the Dinosaur. 
Some of the enemies here hide themselves in the sand, so beware. Your goal 
is to hit the switches to reveal the sand whirlpools, then navigate across 
them, to get out of the screen by the east exit. In the next screens, you 
must push the red blocks so that there is one on either side of the rocks 
with 'connectors' attatched, then hit one switch to make the rock dissolve.
Sooner or later, you'll end up in the animal village. Dino is there, but he 
won't come with you yet. Find the southern exit.

10.) Tower of Babel
Animals to get: None.
Skills to get: None.

Go into the tower and up the lift. Climb the blue rope, and it disappears. 
The rope is actually the boss!

Avoid the swinging hands by staying to one side of the screen. When Roxie 
turns into a pile of rope (after the energy ball attack) the heart is 
vulnerable. Hit it multiple times with the sword.

Then Penguy will talk to you, advising you to go to Freesia. But you need 
help to cross the sea, so go back to Dino in the desert, and he'll come with 

11.) Castle Freesia
Animals to get: Lion.
Skills to get: None.

The first thing to do is to use the Flying Sword to free the Lion, who's 
trapped at the bottom of the screen. Then, go into the castle. The floors 
will make you slide (great for jumping over pits). The frozen blocks have
switches, hit them to remove them. The darker blue floor tiles are 
transporters that take you to another part of the castle. By working your 
way around, you'll find Penguy's family (the mother will restore your HP) 
and Amon, frozen in ice. Use the Fire Sword to free him and get past. Break
the two frozen blocks from the bridge, and hit the pink creature a couple of 
times to make it eat all the unbreakable blocks.
Head down to that area, break the blocks from the other side of the pool, 
then jump across and follow the top path to reach the boss.

Take the seeds from the treasure chest, then the boss will appear. You can 
use the ice or fire sword to turn his attacks icy or fiery. The key to this 
boss is to turn him into one element, wait until he launches an attack, then
turn him back before it comes back to him. He's defeated in one hit.

Hit the tree in the middle of the left wall, and go through. You'll be taken 
underwater to the Root Temple.

12.) Root Temple.
Animals to get: Leviathan.
Skills to get: None.

When you go underwater, you only have 60 seconds of air before you drown, so 
remember to surface often. Being underwater reduces your jumping and 
running power. You should follow the paths, jumping on moving platforms as 
well, until you come to the area with three blocks and a bubblestream that 
you can't get past. Push the blocks into it - they act as a barrier - and
destroy the fish at the end. Then go through the door.

He conjures up your mother, and if he hits her I think you lose life, but 
I'm not sure - I wasn't paying much attention. Just shoot the flying sword 
into him, and he will join you.

He then makes all the water disappear from the temple. The exit lies to the 
east - you'll need to jump over some pits.

13.) Tower of Babel revisited
Animals to get: Butterfly (after Saint Heaven).
Skills to get: None.

As you approach the tower, the Caterpillar will talk to you and stick itself 
to the side of the tower. Inside, you'll find that the lift is out of order, 
and that you have to use the stairs. On every floor there is a puzzle, which
shouldn't be too challenging, except for the floor with the empty room. If 
you look, the floor tiles are mirrored, except one. Jump on it to open 
the stairs.

At the top, plant the seeds from Freesia in the small mound of earth, and 
climb the plant that grows from them.

14.) Saint Heaven.
Animals to get: None.
Skills to get: Power of human speech.

Get to the second chamber. Follow the path and hit the flower-bags to open 
more paths. Don't hit the red switch, it'll let bees out. The next series 
of paths disappear periodically. Jump across them, avoid the fire in the 
next chamber and get to the other side. Walk east along it. Go down the path,
following them around, then step on the switch. Get back to the chamber with 
the fire, and take the east path, below the room with the cracked floors. 
Hit the switch, then get on the moving floor and jump right before the last 
tile. Climb up the netting, and down the other path. Walk left along it,
hitting the switches, then jump on the button. Go to the "JUMP!" platforms, 
and jump to the new area. Walk up and into the third screen.

Collect all the apples around the sides of the first room. Jump across the 
chasm and land on the invisible platform. The next rooms involve making 
leaps of faith onto more invisible platforms. Walk up to the final door
with the dog to open it.

To activate the boss, jump on the four corner tiles and slide back down to 
the center area.


The only vulnerable area is it's head. Run around it to the top of the 
screen, and fire swords into it from above. Use the Lion for added power.

You'll fall back down to earth, with the power of human speech returned. 
Talk to the guard, watch Butterfly emerge, then use it to press the switch 
on the other side and escape.

15.) Iris Past.
Animals to get: Armadillo, Racoon Dog.
Skills to get: None.

Wait! Before you go to Iris, go back to Soleil Town, and into the "House 
for sale". You'll find your mother, who wants 10 Malins. Go to your house, 
and your mother is there too! Return to the other house with the dog, to 
uncover the other mother as the Racoon Dog, who'll join your group.

Now go to Iris. Talk to the people in the bottom house to hear Dorothy's 
story about the cyclone and the red shoes (sounds very familiar...) Talk to 
the flower at the crater, and look at the top edge of it to be taken
back to the past...
Go to the Beaver Pool in the animal village, get the Armadillo. Use him to 
cross the pool in the human village, and get the red shoes.
There's no place like home...
There's no place like home...

16.) Camelia Desert Pyramid
Animals to get: Moa Bird.
Skills to get: None.

From the desert oasis, take the west exit. Go into the pyramid and up the 
eastern stairs. Get to the third floor and talk to the boy there.
You'll need to find the secret passageways. They look like normal walls, but
they cast no shadows on the floor. You have to use the Dinosaur and 
Armadillo to get past some floors. Eventually, you'll reach the girl. Climb 
down all the ropes and get the Awakening Powder, then go through the far 
left door.

When he sends out his helpers, use the Racoon Dog to throw them off. Then 
attack the Chameleon, while dodging it's tongue attacks.
Once he's dead, you'll gain the Moa Bird.

Upon exiting the room, you will be captured and thrown into prison. Find the
secret passageway on the north wall, exit the temple, and talk the the man 
with the glistening smile.

17.) Burn Daisy Past.
Animals to get: Dodo.
Skills to get: None.

As you may have worked out, you're following the cyclone. Get to the platform
with the burnt bird, and it has been replaced with the Dodo. It'll join 
your group. Remember the room that you couldn't get to earlier? Use the 
Dodo to grab the object on the other side of the wall, and the real boss 
will make an appearence.

Aim for the groin of the large puppet, then take shots at the Puppet Master 
as he's collecting the pieces. Very simple.

Now, Burn Daisy is sealed off and there are no monsters in Iris. 
Consequently, no one in Iris remembers anything about them.

18.) Anemone Beach Past
As there are no more animals or skills to get, I won't bother writing "None"
after each heading.

Talk to the monkey in the animal village, then ask all the animals for help 
and go back to him. Follow him to the beach and talk to the flower nearby.
Then walk around near the monkey and look for an area which leaves no 
footprints. Jump on it.


Hit him lots of times to split him into lots of parts, then destroy them all 
whilst avoiding getting knocked off the rocking platform.

Go back to the monkey's house and talk to everyone to return to the present.

19.) Dahlia Valley Past.

Use the fenced-off waterfall to get to the cave. Inside is a very 
straightforward maze, with slippery floors and spikes.
The end room contains the boss.

The heart is only susceptible to the Strongest Ice Magic - combine Lion and 

Pick up the horn to the right of the cave to be returned to the present. All
the monsters are gone from the valley now.

20.) Soleil Town Past.

Go to the king's room in the castle (it's upstairs), and follow the monsters 
to the church. Talk to them, go out, and back in again. Speak to the king, 
then look at the sign beside the soon-to-be-built fountain. Then exit the 

21.) Black Night

This is the final dungeon in the game. It tests most of the animal skills 
that you have. First, make a channel of water by pushing the block across 
to the pit. Then hit the switch and use Dino to get across. Use Leviathan 
and Moa to hit the blocks quickly and make a path, then you'll need Butterfly
and Flying Squirrel to reach the faraway switch.
Moa and Cheetah will help you jump the pits, hit the switches with Armadillo 
and use Dino to cross the pink sludge. Finally, the Butterfly and Squirrel 
will uncover an invisible path.
Talk to the group of monsters and the Mother Monster will notice that you 
have her horn. She'll tell you about the Energy Spirit and the five senses 
that guard it, restore your HP, and let you pass.

The final six bosses are accessed through stone "portals". Here they are, in
no particular order:

This is tricky. Running across the tiles makes cracks appear, then stepping 
on another one makes spikes come up. You'll need the Racoon Dog to distract 
the boss while you set the trap.

Pac-Man style boss. Eat all the hearts to destroy the monsters.

Use the Moa and Lion to hit the hands and avoid being pushed into the spikes
The hands themselves are not fatal.

The eye hides beneath the floor, but you can use the flying sword to raise 
the tiles and hit it.

Moa and Lion attacks are good against the musical note. Switch to Dino when
it changes the floor.

Are you ready for this? The final boss of the game is only availible once 
the five senses have been defeated. Here we go....

Have Moa and Dodo equipped. Hit the moon with Dodo to bring out the eye, 
and switch to Lion to do damage. Repeat every time the eye disappears.
Beware of it's attacks, as they destroy the floor surface.

You were really expecting a tough boss there, weren't you? Oh well...

22.) Soleil Town: A Better Future.
(You can't save here. Remember to save before battling the Energy Spirit).

You are returned to the beginning of your adventure. You are the only one 
that remembers the monsters. This is a town full of happiness and peace.
Unfortunately, one person still remains from the old world: Amon. He's 
locked up in the castle jail. Only one task remains before you can exit 
the town. You must find Johnny, your dog. He's in the king's room. Now, with
Johnny following you, talk to Alice at the town entrance to finally end the 

5.) Appendix: The Rafflesia School Quests.

To get the Holy Sword you'll need to gain all three medallions from the 
Rafflesia Training Ground north of Soleil Town. You don't have to get it,
but since it attacks with twice the power of your normal sword, you'll want 
to have it.

i.) Bronze Quest

The central gate is the Beginner Course. It focuses on the basic skills such
as switches, blocks, springs and slippery floors. Just make your way to the
top, hitting the switches and boxes, and letting he waterfall carry you. At
the end of the course, there is a large treasure chest containing the Bronze

ii.) Silver Quest

The intermediate course is only open to you once you have the jumping power.
The flying squirrel is also useful. This course lets you brush up on 
switches, pits, water, jumping, and hitting faraway switches with the
flying sword. Get the Silver Medallion from the treasure chest at the end.

iii.) Gold Quest

I actually found this hard. This advanced course will require you to have 
the Cheetah, and if you have the Dinosaur, he's useful in some places. It 
focuses on accelerated jumping, more slippery surfaces, spikes, 
flamethrowers, switches, and water. Navigating the waterfalls leads to the 
Gold Medallion, then jump on the button to reverse them and take the end 
gate out.

Now return to Soleil Town, and go to the king (you must have the power of 
human speech) and he'll hand over the Holy Sword.

6.) Animal Guide

(C) means that the special power is operated with button C, (S) means that 
you must use the flying sword.

Dog (Johnny): (C) If you time it right, he'll grab monsters and hold them 
Notes: Opens the final door in Saint Heaven.

Penguin (Penguy): (S) Adds ice power to your flying sword. 
Notes: Combine with Lion for Strongest Ice Magic, combine with Moa to get 
more ice power (I don't know if it's better than linking with the Lion).

Cat (Kitty): Will return you to life if you die.
Notes: Returns to the shop when used.

Flying Squirrel (Ciel): (S) Makes your flying sword fly longer and bounce 
off walls. Return it to you with the A button. 
Notes: Combine with Butterfly to control the sword as it flies.

Cheetah (Charlie): Makes you run double speed.
Other uses: Extends your jump. Combine with Moa for triple speed.
Notes: Necessary to complete the game.

Caterpillar: Like it says, useless.
Notes: Turns into Butterfly at the Tower of Babel.

Dinosaur (Dino): Allows you to cross spikes, slippery floors and some water 
(includes the big lake near the desert).
Notes: None.

Egg Bomb (Eggy): Damages all enemies on the screen when it is equipped.
Notes: Not necessary to have.

Bat (Batty): Shields you for a short time (i.e. invincibility).
Notes: Not necessary to have.

Lion: (S) Adds fire magic to your sword.
Notes: Combine with Moa for more fire magic, combine with Penguin for 
Strongest Ice Magic.

Leviathan: (S) Makes your sword swing double speed.
Notes: Combine with Moa for triple speed.

Butterfly: (S) Allows you to control the flying sword.
Notes: Combine with Moa to control the sword forever (it won't come back 
unless you press A), combine with Flying Squirrel to control the sword 

Armadillo: (C) Turns into a board that can be used to cross water.
Notes: Also presses switches.

Racoon Dog: (C) Turns into a copy of you that lures enemies away.
Notes: Very useful in most situations.

Moa Bird (Moa): Increases the power of most animals. 
Notes: Also very useful.

Dodo: (S) Allows you to grab items and enemies with your sword.
Notes: Some bosses require Dodo attacks.

7.) The End.

Thanks for reading. Bye!

All text copyright (C) CNash 2002.
All other copyrights are acknowledged to their owners.

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Все права на материал с сайта сохранены и принадлежат их авторам. Любое копирование текста с сайта должно сопровождаться прямой активной ссылкой на наш сайт. Все игры (в том числе и онлайн), эмуляторы, и другие программы и материалы, предоставляются на некоммерческой основе (бесплатно) игры скачанные с этого сайта, носят ознакомительный характер и после ознакомления должны быть удалены. Некоторые материалы доступны на картриджах и других легальных носителях, поэтому могут быть приобретены для частного использования.