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Light Crusader (Codes, Secrets, Passwords, Cheats, Combo (Eng))

Q for Light Crusader for the Sega Genesis, Made 1995 by Treasure

This being my first FAQ, all of you fans of GameFAQS, Wish me luck! This
may be rough reading and is littered with cheap joking references to other
games I've played

PHASE I City/Castle
PHASE II Grave Matters
PHASE III Orbs of Power
PHASE IV The Immortal?
PHASE V The Lair of the Magi
PHASE VI The Realms of Mind's Chaos
PHASE VII The Finale


You are as the introduction shows, Sir David, a knight in the service
of King Frederick. Sent to Green Row to help his brother King Weeden
discover what has happened to his missing towns people you are about to
enter a huge six level dungeon full of monsters, traps, and puzzles.


Start: Pauses game and brings up menu screen.
A: Confirm and use magic
B: To slash sword, talk, and cancel
C: To jump and confirm.

B and C can be used to do a jump slash or a jump thrust.


Your gear consists of eight swords, armours and gloves. Boxes symbolize
items to be gained from chests or store brought. The remaining items are
courtesy of late monsters, which there will be lots of as you progress.

Long Sword........ From start
Rapier............ Found L1
Thunder Sword..... Found L2
Lightening Sword.. Found L3
Relayer........... Weapon Shop- 1500g
Crystal Sword..... Found L5, casts FREEZE
Holy Sword........ Found L6 casts TURN UNDEAD
L. Crusader....... Won L4

Plate Armour...... From Start
Chain Mail........ Found L3
Bronze Armour..... Weapon Shop 2000g
Dragon Armour..... Found L4
Pidge Armour...... Found L6
???? Armour
Geddon Armour..... Dropped L5, Artillery/Soldier
Gold Armour....... L 1,2 Lily Pad

Gloves............ From Start
Gauntlets......... Found L2
Power............. Found L3
Kaiser............ Weapon Shop 1000g
Iron Gloves....... Found L5
Power Gloves...... Dropped L5 Ninja
Scratcher......... Dropped L5 Ninja


Spell Name Elements

Wind...........AIR-Small burst of wind causes damage to a single enemy.

Fire...........FIRE-Causes minor burns to one opponent.

Firewind.......AIR, FIRE-Fiery blast forms around one enemy, causing major

Earthquake.....EARTH-Ground shakes under opponents, causing damage.

Thunder........AIR, EARTH-Deafening roar blasts enemies.

Meteor.........FIRE, EARTH-Bouncing fireball inflicts heavy damage on

Needlecrack....AIR, FIRE, EARTH-Energy rays cause serious damage to

Heal...........WATER-Restores several of your Hit Points.

Ice............AIR, WATER-Freezes a single opponent for a short time.

Cure...........FIRE, WATER- Cures you of any poison.

Confuse........AIR, FIRE, WATER- Enemies are greatly damaged, and helpless
for a short time.

Guardian.......EARTH, WATER- A sprite acts as your shield. After a few
hits, it disappears.

Turn Undead....AIR, EARTH, WATER- Instantly destroys a single undead

Shield........ FIRE, EARTH, WATER- A shell of energy protects you on all
sides. After several hits it disappears.

Judgement......AIR, FIRE, EARTH, WATER- Repulses all enemies in the path
of the spell, causing serious damage.

Type Hit Point Value Resale/Buy (Shows best prices)
Broken Egg....10 10g
Corn..........10 10g
Apple.........10 10g/20g
Orange........10 10g
Banana........10 10g
Cherry........10 10g
Bread ......30 10g
Egg...........30 70g
Honey.........30 10g
Chicken.......60 40g
Fillet........60 40g
Fish..........60 40g
Tomato........60 40g
Steak.... ....100 50g/100g or Fish
Red Potion....100 50g/150g
Blue Potion...Cure poison 20g/25g
Cheese........Cures poison 20g/
Water.........Cures poison 20g/
Wine..........Cures poison 20g/30g
Black Potion..Poison 250g/ 200g
Green Potion..Max all Magic 1501g/3000g
Odd Potion....Invisibility, can steal from Shops/Inn Buy for 4000g

Crest- Of the Wizard's guild...
Costume- Speak softly and carry a big mace. Look like a goblin, but smell
like a human.
Music- Box Plays an important melody
Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow Orbs- Four Orbs of power. Of similar nature
to the four Mystical Gems in Gunstar Heroes...
Scrolls 1-5 Contain the key to a puzzle in Level 2.
Tablet- Tells of an ancient struggle and of the passage to level 4.
Keys open doors
Tap Handle- Flood halls in Level 3 to reach new heights.
Sextant- ...this item ROCKS!!! Teleport to any teleporter from where ever
you want. Great for saves and hasty escapes. A must have.
Talisman- In possession of King Weeden, this item nullifies magic barriers.


IMPORTANT!!! Go into MODE and set it so you can see damage received and
dealt!!! This helps later on.

Attack from behind for more damage, but watch your back.

NEVER EVER turn off auto item use. Annoying at first, but you'll realize
how useful it is in a pitched battle.

Save often. Heal often. Use the level 2 fountain in the center and save
point as your base until you reach level 5.

Shops exist in the town and in the shrine. To trade you may need gold,
items or credentials.

Buy magic as needed. Don't be afraid to use spells.

Show no mercy. Enemies drop food, gold, and rare equipment.

In water you can't cast or slash. Learn to hone your jumping skills.

Slash at walls. Hidden stuff may appear.


David- The hero. An expert swordsman and brave knight

Cullen- A fearless fool who wanders into the shrine. He gives good news
and advice.

Lord Ragno Roke, aka Bloodroke- A first class wizard with a massive small
feelings problem. Head of the Wizards Guild.

King Weeden- The king. Not much else.

Queen- Wife of the king, mother of the princess and...

Princess- Daughter of King Weeden. Versed in ancient language.

The Cook- Castle cook but also a brave fighter with a bad temper.

The Oracle- Gives clues but is relatively useless.

The Necromancer- Bloodroke's 2nd. A powerful wizard who rules the 4th and
5th levels of the Shrine. A deadly foe.

King Garriott- Forged a powerful sword to banish the evil demon Ramiah.
Remember the name of Garriott.

Ramiah- An all powerful demon. It awaits in the final level of the Shrine.
Imprisoned by Garriott with the Light Crusader. This is the GoldenSilver
of the game.

PHASE I- Castle/City.

After the long intro you'll be in the castle. Before you leave explore
everywhere. Talk with everyone. The oracle gives a useful clue if you need
help. If you look hard enough you should find a red potion in the bedrooms
and a pendant in the southern hall behind the trees. Acquaint yourself
with the Save Point and Teleport chamber. These will be your greatest
friends latter on.

Green Row is full of people. Sadly these people are all idiots. Their
dialog is the same for most of the game and they really are not helpful
after you find the dungeon. Still explore the city, the farm, and the

If you can't find the entrance to the Shrine look at the tombstones. The
earth is scraped by one. Push it to the left and enter Level 1.

PHASE I- Level 1
Contains: 3 Life Max, Rapier, and the resale cat.
Bosses: 2

Once in the dungeon head SE. After a lasering the door, you'll fight 3
goblins. Defeat them for the Key 1. Use a slash and retreat pattern if
you're having trouble. NW of the start you'll find a room of slimes. Head
NE to a room with 3 doors. Use Key 1 to open the locked door. Explore to
find a room with Air and a switch. Hit the switch and return to the 3 door
room. North of it is a room with a chest. Jump up and around the pillar
its on to get a Life Max.
Take the south door from this room to find a prisoner and a Fountain. The
fountain is your third best friend. Return and take the north door.

Learn to love the lily pad monster. They are tough to fight in water, but
drop gold (110), fish, Air and Water, and the Gold Armour, which is the
best in the game. If your lucky enough to get it the game is much easier.
Beyond this water room is a save point. In the room with four lights, hit
all four with your sword. A secret door will appear leading to the resale
cat, who buys items from you. Return and proceed to the NW door.

BOSS Mother Pod Creature. Slash the eye repeatedly. Collect fire and
chicken from the spheres. When he glows red watch out for it's about to
use a fire attack. He takes some practice, but falls easily. You'll want
lots of fillet and steak before you fight him.

In the next room get Life Max and Key 2. South in the fire room is a red
potion. Head SW and use Key 2 to open the door. Past the water room is a
mage who animates 4 skeletons. The skeletons are near invincible, but if
you use turn undead, or just kill the mage they die. Further on you'll
meet the Barrel. Push it next to the door and slash for a 3 count and
boom! In this room with the gargoyle. Go NW to free the prisoner and then
go NE for a simple barrel puzzle. In the new room throw the switch and the
door will open in the room with the prisoner. In this new room hide
behind the pillars until the wind dies. In the middle on the north side is
a save point. Go NE and onward. In the room with the rotating blocks
you'll need to hone your pushing skills.

The next room has the stairs down and wraiths. Deal with the wraiths for
now with a sword or turn undead. Move north. Go NE for a fountain and then
go NW for a simple barrel puzzle to collect the Rapier. Equip it and head
SE then NE. Answer the riddle by extinguishing all 4 lights. Collect 700g
and a red potion. Beyond is a boss.

BOSS Red Dragon. Stay on the north block and slash his head, or use
Needlecrack. Run under him when he breaths fire. He dies with some

Collect a Life Max and free a prisoner. Listen to what he says. The next
room has a teleporter that will take you back to the castle. Talk with
King Weeden, buy goods, and then save. Hopefully at this point you can buy
the Relayer for 1500g. If not fight lilies for gold and hopefully gold

PHASE III- Level 2
Contains: 2 Life Max, Thunder Sword, Gauntlets, 4 Orbs.
Bosses: 1

NOTE: The orbs can be approached in any order. This is how I did it.

Take the teleporter back to level 1 and go downstairs. You'll enter the
central block of level 2. It has a teleporter, fountain, and a save point.
Head SW past a watery hall. A man in a black cloak with a staff tells a
story and gives you the Gold Key. To complete this level all four orbs
must be collected.
From the central block, take the SE passage with the Gold Key. Beyond the
iron gate is a laser. Push it against the westernmost statue. A secret
door will appear. You'll find a precious green potion inside. Go SE to the
room with a skeleton. Collect Scroll 2. In the NE corner of the room is 6
blocks against the wall. Destroy them with your sword. A switch should be
hit revealing a door. Within is the SEXTANT! In the next room maneuver a
goblin onto the pad by elevating him and pushing him. (Not hitting.)

New catch phrase- SBT Stupid Barrel/Bomb Tricks. Easy enough to solve. NE
of that use the torches to move the platform. You can knock the chest to
the floor for a Life Max. Go NE again. Maneuver the barrels so they are on
top of each other, but push them NW. You can jump off the top barrel and
reach Scroll 3 in the corner. Go back and go SE. Defeat the pods for
Scroll 4. Beyond is the blue orb/compass puzzle. You can look below or
come back to this one latter. Use the sextant to go back to the central
block and save. Return to where you got the gold key and pass the gate. In
the windy room beyond pull the north and then south switches to proceed.
In the next room from top to bottom, pull all four switches.

BOSS- Demon Tree. An easy but hard to hit boss. Ignore the face and go for
the hands. He dies fast. When the battle is won you'll meet Cullen. Pay
attention to his N.E.W.S. (See compass puzzle- North East West and South)
In the next room Turn the wraiths and wait a sec. A Life Max will fall
from the sky. To get the green orb, you must press the four blocks in a
set order. Follow the clues on the scrolls, and take an educated guess via
the process of elimination as to what the last one is. Sextant and save

Now go NW. Collect Scroll 1 (why not?) You'll find a laser puzzle. Elevate
the laser on the platform. It will hit a switch lowering a platform. Jump
and hit the switch to open the door. Also destroy the pod while your at
it. Immediately head NE for SBT. To succeed use the south pad first. Head
SW to a new room with 3D Moldurms. Ignore them and take the north door.
SBT- To beat this puzzle, stand on the pad to elevate the activated bomb.
Just as it blows, jump onto the platform. If your timing is perfect you'll
reach the music box. Take the south door and free a prisoner. Now beat the
3D Moldurms and proceed. To get the Yellow Orb, form a penumbra, which is
earth's shadow on the moon.

The solution is to push the statues in this order. Sun, Earth, and Moon.
Sextant and save. Head for the last orb. There is a SBT with a clock.
Strike the clock to freeze time. Once the bomb is placed unfreeze. E-Z.
Passed the spiked floor is a laser puzzle. Push a block to the floor and
use it to ТcarryУ the laser to the platform. Elevate it and use good
timing. Beyond lies the Thunder Sword. Go back and SE for a SBT. Elevate
the barrel and use good timing to get past the flames. In the next room is
two items. First attack the six blocks in the NW corner to open a hidden
passage. Walk where they were for a pendant. Go back and free the
prisoner. You'll learn of Bloodroke, the head of the Wizard's Guild.
Hmm.... Beyond lies 3 mages. Use jump attacks to avoid magic. Judgement
and Needlecrack do wonders. If this is your last orb, HEAL!!! To get the
last orb, play the music box and repeat on the tuning forks. The order is
SE SW NE NW SW NE SE. When done collect the last orb. Bloodroke will
appear and relieve you of the orbs and send you falling to Level 3.

PHASE IV- Level 3
Contains: Life Max 2, Chain Mail, Power (gloves), Lightening sword.
Bosses: 3

BOSS Medusa- There's a safe spot next to the middle disk on the NW wall.
Now Hack and Slash. Leave and go NE for a Life Max and a fountain. Take
the stairs up back to level 2. Your should be in the central block of 2.
Save and return. Go NW. Pull the switch to enter a mine. Bust the goblin
and talk proceed onward. Use the save point. Beyond is a city populated by
goblins, reminiscent of the Immortal by EA. Have fun exploring here. If
the music changes you've left the city. Stay out of the NE end with the
rotating blocks for now. After exploring a little go NW for a minigame of
Simon. Follow the colors and sounds to open the door. Stay on the ground
and head north for a clock and bomb puzzle.

The solution is simple enough. Use in order of blasting from soonest to
latest. A weight, a door opener, and a stepping stone. Note that the bomb
remains suspended in mid air while time is off. Beyond is a fountain and...

BOSS Water Dragon- One of the easiest in the game. Go to the NW ledge and
as on the show Reboot- Hack and Slash! In the next room push a block onto
each pad except the SW one. Step on it your self and proceed.

To get the chest, set the laser in the corner. Push both bombs next to it
and without hitting the laser set them off. If done right, you should
ascend to the chest and the Goblin Costume. Sextant to floor two and save.
Go back to the city wearing the costume. You won't be attacked by goblins
and learn some neat stuff. There are 3 points of interest. First there is
a goblin trading steak for fish. So if you have any fish, take him up on
this generous offer.
North, past the room with the rotating blocks is the Goblin King (I'm sure
that Harvey already knew of this one.) and the treasure trove. The king
gives some background information and the trove has a Life Max and misc.
Food items. Both doors only open if your in costume.

The last point of interest is the arena. As a goblin, talk with the goblin
and he'll offer a match. Say yes. To win, quickly push the goblins off the
platform and don't attack. At worst, you'll get hit once. You win 180g for
this. If you don't have the patience to fight lilies, this is the place to
go. Now there is no excuse for not buying the Bronze Armour and Kaiser
gauntlets. Now head to the SE part of this level.

In costume talk with the goblin and the gate will open. You'll end up in a
room with 4 doors, one being inaccessible. Take the one on top to the NE
corner. In the mine jump behind the stacked blocks for a chest with the
power gloves. Now go back and take the SW door. In costume, hop along the
path to a hall with 3 doors at the end. Take the NW door for information
and then SW for a fountain and then SE for...

BOSS Queen Ghoma- Stay in the middle of the its legs and hack at the body.
If it rears 2 legs, ready to jump to avoid a quake attack. If it raises up
on all 4 run underneath to avoid its fireballs. Otherwise TORA! TORA!
TORA! (Translation: Attack! Attack! Attack!) In the next room use good
timing to make it to the switch. You'll need to jump onto the iron balls
to make it. Beyond is the... Tap handle? Joy.... Return to the room
outside where you go the Power (gloves) See the NW wall? Use the Tap
Handle there.
Beyond the flooded room is an SBT, followed by another one. Push the
barrel in the SE under the platform and move the other to the door.
Beyond are 3D Moldrums. The next room tries your jumping skills. Hit the
switch and jump from platform to ball to platform to ball to platform to
ball to chest and Key 3. Sextant and Save.

Go back to the simon game in the NW part of the map. Take the upper
passage and use the tap handle. Beyond the flooded room slimes and SBT
with pendulum balls. Beyond that play Simon for Chain Mail. Go back and
lower the water. Take the middle door on the NW wall. Inside is Cullen
with the Tablet. (How he avoided drowning is beyond me!) Now take the SW
door in costume and continue on. There's a room with a barrel, block, and
a ball. Push the barrel onto the platform.Maneuver the ball into the SW
corner and push it NW. Jump on the pad so the ball props up the barrel.
Beyond is an interesting puzzle which I'll leave to your own devices. Each
torch moves the wind in one direction, moving the balls. The secret is to
push the small ball ahead of the big ones to maneuver it onto the pad. In
the next room ignore the switch and take the open door on the SW for a Red
Potion. Beyond the switch door is a mine and the Lightening Sword. As soon
as its gotten 3 Armor Knights attack. Then can only be hurt with magic :)
or from behind or when their shield is thrown. After (Or before) beating
them Sextant and Save at the castle. The only people with new text is the
King and Princess. Pay attention to her. You'll learn of the orbs, Light
Crusader and of Ramiah and Garriott. (Although I could have sworn
Garriott's sword was Langressier) Return to visit the Goblin King. With
Key 3 you can pass the beyond the gate to a teleporter and puzzle. To
solve the IRON GATE review the tablet....
Remember King GARRIOTT.

Now before heading to level 4 make sure you have all the above items and
about 90 of each magic, plus a lot of steak. If not fight in arena for
gold, and fight lilies for fish and the Gold Armour if you don't have it

Phase V- Level 4
Contains- Life Max, Dragon Armour.
Bosses 3

Upon reaching level 4 go to the left. (You may go right for the most
annoying SBT in the whole game.) If you go left, you'll pass 2 trapped
halls and enter a room with 3 pods. Beyond is a laser. Push it infront of
the door. Ready some Turn Undeads and proceed. Beyond are zombies who will
poison you. Ignore all doors and go around the circumference. Now that you
have mapped this out you must fill in the middle. (Joy!) When going
counterclockwise, you hopefully didn't go all the way back to the stair
room as the room before it is as said before, annoying. Now go back
clockwise. In the room on the far right, to open the gate, slide the block
NE and walk through the gate. Clockwise, we'll deal with doors 1,2, &3.

DOOR #1 A spiked room with four important doors. The one immediately to
your right is a teleporter, The one on the SW side is a fountain. Hit the
light to summon a platform. Time your jump to reach the northern door.
REMEMBER THIS ROOM!!! Now heal and take the middle door. Fight the zombies
and in the next room go to the SW door and free the prisoner. Go back and
take the NE door to pass a X/0 puzzle. Hit the squares in this order:

0 2 0
1 0 3
0 4 0

Solve the boulder puzzle and receive an... Empty chest! Take the NW door.
In the next room hit the switch and talk with the farmer. The next room is
tricky. There is a mirror. It reflects invisible zombies. Before you Turn
them, push against the mirror near the pillar and block for a secret room
with a pendant. After the zombies is a boulder puzzle. Push them both to
the SE wall. Push the north one down and to the switch, Easy. Talk with
the prisoner. Beyond is an icy pod room. Beyond is the CREST!!! Sextant
and save. Have fun buying from the shop.

DOOR #2 There are 2 mages with in. If you have the crest talk and the door
shall open. Beyond is an ice room. Take the south door for 900g. The
platform moves opposite you so walk into the pillar to lure it SW. Go NE
for a mage and 4 clones. If the mage dies, so does every one else.
Judgement helps. Go SW to free a prisoner. Now take the NE door. To avoid
having the controls reversed, avoid walking infront of the statues. Go
take the SE door for a fountain and go NE to play Simon. Beyond the door
is the Necromancer! Prepare for a boss!

BOSS Magi- Use judgement. Talk with the ex-mage and proceed.

BOSS Scorpion- Opps, I guess those Magi were too easy. Just walk right up
to its head and slash until it dies. Hopefully your more stocked than a
hobbit's larder. Beyond are 3 zombies and Key 4. Go back to the simon room
and go NE fight the pod and walk around where it was. Dragon Armour
awaits. Sextant and Save.

DOOR #3 Beyond is a save point. Use it. Use Key 4 on the iron gate. The
solution to the next puzzle is:

0 2 0
1 0 3
0 4 0

Now before you go on, make sure you have 170 of 170 HP, and 3-4 steaks/red
potions before entering. Trial by Fire!!! Ouch. Moving helps minimize
damage. Heal up and face some skeletons. Turn them, Beware the
statues.Take the SW doors for a fountain and then a chest... To pass the
fire jump along the NW wall to the pillar and jump for a Life Max. Back in
the statue room take the NW door. Hurry to beat this SBT. It may take a
few tries. Don't be afraid to take damage. Beyond is a boss.

BOSS Garriott- The Armor of the dead king will attack. This foe is
invincible! But you'll see a shadow along the ground behind it. Try and
corner the shadow with your sword and keep at it. Once you beat the spirit
it will yield the Light Crusader. Equip it with pride. Follow the path to
level 5. This will be your new base of operations.

Phase VI- Level 5
Contains- Crystal Sword, Iron Gloves
Bosses- 5

Explore around the room and you'll find a teleporter, fountain, and a save
point. Then approach the crystal. It'll take you to 8 worlds depending on
to which statue it points to.

1 2 3
8 9 4
7 6 5

1 Future
2 City
3 West
4 Japan
5 Dark
6 War 1
7 War 2
8 Ice
9 ????

1 Future Slash the orbs and hit the switches. There is a machine that
adjusts gravity. Make sure its always at .5 by slashing it until so
indicated. In the 3rd room push the laser to the floor and moon jump for
the switch. In the fifth room is a crystal. Just Hack it.

BOSS Blob-Attack it to scatter the jell and reveal an Iron Ball. IF you
hit it from the south, you do more damage. When defeated it yields a
Wizard of King Garriott.

2 City To answer the riddle, hit the last light lit. In the end room is 6
zombies. Have ready of Turns handy here.

3 West To move the barrels, hit the switches to stop the flames. You'll
reach a room with 4 pillar. A barrel is behind the south pillar.

BOSS Giant 3D Moldrum- Attack from the SE as it bounces around. Aim for
its ТheadУ, so anticipate where it'll land.

4 Japan Pure Fighting here. Ninjas drop good stuff, so come back with lots
of judgements later. The Chest in room 4 holds a max life. The last room
has 6 ninjas.

5 Dark To open the door in room 2 hit these crystals in order.

3 X
2 1

The fifth room holds Iron Gloves. To get them, push the laser pillar
against the switch. The 6th room has 4 goblins. There are 3 Armor Knights
in the last room.

6 War 1 Use your sword until the fountain. Beyond is a walker. Jump and
slash. The last room has 4 soldiers.

7 War 2 Stay mobile to beat the artillery. Same as 6 till...

BOSS Tank- .....They have to be joking. OK they aren't. It packs a
whollup! To win you can either: 1. Jump on top and slash till its defeated
and your inventory is gone. (What I did) or... 2) Stay out of range of its
guns, dodge the missiles and attack only when it moves. Now that 7 of 8
wizards are free, go back to Japan to earn Gold, Fish, the Scratcher, and
Power Gloves. Trade the fish for steak and then go to the ice world.

8 Ice To pass this evil puzzle, destroy both ice blocks. Push the ball
furthest to the right into the north corner. Push the southernmost ball
into the door. Then press the switch so the door opens. Push both
remaining balls NE and vola! Push the last to open the door. In the 4th
room, run fast and jump to pull the switch. Next fight 4 elements. Judge
them 4 times to win. Heal at the fountain and...

BOSS Red Dragon Take II- Heeeere's Matic... Whoops wrong Red Dragon. Any
how for this Red Dragon follow the same strategy for the first one. Not to
hard. After this save and talk with one of the wizards. They'll unite
their power to make the crystal transparent. Jump into it for...

9 Battle with Necromancer Go into the room for

BOSS Necromancer- Not to hard, just annoying. Keep at him when he's on the
ground, ignoring the Iron Orbs. When he goes aerial he's about to cast a
spell, so have a Cure spell ready. Now go back to World 5 (Dark) when
this is done and in the 2nd room a magic door appears. Beyond are 3 Armor
Knights. Defeat them for the Crystal Sword.

Phase VII- Level 6
Contains- Life Max, Holy Sword, Pidge Armour
Bosses- 2

Make sure you have 190 HP, all above items and the Gold/Geddon Armour and
the Scratcher are a nice help. Now buy what you need, get 99 of each
magic, get lots of steak and ready for the last stretch. Level 6 is very
linear here goes...

Immediately to the SE is a prisoner guarded by a mage. Ryu... I mean the
mages have a phantom double that they use in this level so move quickly
against them. Talk with the prisoner and go NE for a ball puzzle. Knock
the first ball NE then SE. Then knock the Big Ball next to it. Knock both
SW and open the NE door with the NE pad. With in is a prisoner. Repeat to
open the SE door. Beyond it is a 3 room SBT. It takes some tries so if you
get blown away, just walk back and try again. When you push the barrel to
the SE set of blocks, send it into the door on a 1 count. Further on is a
ball and pad set. Open the NW door. To get the Holy Sword in the chest,
leave the ball as is and ТwalkУ into the wall of 6 blocks right buy it.
When the platform is in the NW corner, jump onto the ball and maneuver
your way onto the platforms and the chest.

The NE door should lead to new music. Follow the path to a room with 2
prisoners, a save and teleport behind 4 separate doors. Beyond the
teleport room is a ball puzzle. For future reference the room to the NW is
a one way route back to this room. Push both balls NE and then NW so they
both catch the one block. Then from the pad, move them SW until one's
about to hit the pad and jump to the platform. Beyond go SE for a prisoner
and the Silver Key. Now go NE. Go to the gate to the SE and follow. Give
the prisoner water. Use the Holy Sword on the Wraiths. The passage in the
mirror room is by the middle light. Beyond the mage is 3 armor knights.
Slay them to pass. Follow the path to find the cook who has bad news. (I
think its cool how the cook fought her way down here with only a frying
pan.) On the SW end are 3 doors, the last Life Max!!! A fountain, and a
save. Use all 3 and take the other door to the SE. Beat the Pods, the
Goblins, and...

BOSS Original Eve (Before diet)- Get in close or it does a massive fire
attack. Keep at it, but don't hit the green thing. It heals the boss. Just
stay in close, take some damage, but it only has 200 HP and goes down
hard. (For once, I'll explain my references to other games. At the end of
Ex Game for Parasite Eve for the PSX, the last boss heals if attacked when
its helper is on screen. This fat monstrosity is no where near as bad

Beyond is 2 mages and the last prisoner. Ah the plot puzzle is now
complete. How sad... Now go kill him! The next SBT is tough. Push both
balls NE together and then NW together. The secret is to worm your way
against the balls so that one ball goes SW to trip the pad. The rest is
easy. Next is 4 mages and some skeletons. Use the Holy Sword repeatedly to
kill them, or simply Turn them. Next is an easy SBT. If you follow the
path you'll find Lord Roke's wine cellar. However if you examine the
mirror across from the light, you'll enter the last section of the shrine.
(Make sure you have re-equipped L. Crusader.) Ignore the goblins and go
SW. You'll meet Cullen again. He'll give some important information here.
Now fight the goblins and the white slimes and last the 3 clones. Ignore
the 3 clones and enter the side room. Side the laser onto the platform.
Push bombs beside the 2 lower switches and set them off south, then north.
At the top is the Armour of Pidge. (Anyone a Voltron fan at Treasure?) Now
slay the clones and move on. Take the first door for a fountain and then a
the end of the hall, take the SE door for a save point. Now go NE for...

FINAL BOSS -RAMIAH- Here comes the climax- GoldenSil....sorry, wrong game.
However for those of you who have played Gunstar Heroes (also by Treasure)
you will know that the secret to winning is to attack the gems/orbs. After
a talk with Lord Roke the battle begins. Go after the red and blue orbs by
slashing repeatedly. To take out the green and yellow ones, jump and
slash. Position yourself so you avoid doing a stabbing dive. Now go after
Ramiah himself. Nestle yourself in an upper corner of his lap to avoid
doing a stabbing dive when you jump attack him. He has a lot of HP. At
worst he'll cast judgement which hits you for about 15 damage. Keep it up,
he's not hard.

100 Goblin(mace)- Fire, Corn, Chicken, Honey
80 Goblin (Crossbow)-Fire, Corn, Chicken, Honey
40 G slime- Earth, Steak, Fillet, 20g
60 R slime- Earth, Bread, Fillet, 20g
60 W slime- water, Fillet, 20g
50 3D Moldurm- Fire, Earth, Egg, Steak, Bread
30 Lily Pad- Air, Water, Fish 110g, Gold Armour
80 Ninja- Earth, Fish, Egg, 100g, Power Gloves, Scratcher
120 Pod- Cherry, Orange, 80g
N/A Skeleton- Air, Fire, Bread, Egg, 50g
100 Wraith- Fire, Cheese
60 Armored Knight-???
50 (Future) Orb- Banana
200 (Future) Crystals- ???
80 Soldier- Bread, Corn, Geddon Armour?
80 Artillery- Air, Banana, Chicken, Honey, Fish, Corn, Geddon Armour?
200 (War) Walker- ???
90 Cowboy- Corn, Bread, Fire
100 Mage-Air, Fire
60 AIR-10 Air
60 FIRE-10 Fire
60 WATER-10 Water
60 EARTH- 10 Earth
100 CLONE- Fillet

First off, for my brother for giving me this game.

Second my dad for being encouraging.

Third is to Gamesages which helped me my first time through and cued me to
finding the rarer items. Any code contributers are reading this, thank you.

Fourth is to the Shining Lair, at whose
scanning of the instruction booklet allowed me to put down the spells and
food values.

Last is to all you readers for giving me a reason to read this.

Thank you.

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