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Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 [Nintendo 64]

FAT PENGUIN: After getting all 120 stars Go back to The first snow level.. go in the chimney where you raced the penguin before.. it appears he got really FAT!!! you can race him again..and he is hard!

After you have all 120 power stars, get the wing cap off the top of the castle. Jump into the cannon, aim straight up lined up with the very high tower. Then fire. Be sure to pull back on the control stick the WHOLE time. You will land on a ledge. Jump at the wall until you fall through it. Run at the wall facing the castle INSIDE and you will pop out. This cheat has been tested.

You will confront Bowser three times. Run behind him and grab his tail. While you are swinging him around to throw him, switch camera angles so you can see the spike bombs on the side of the arena. One hit on an exploding bombs will do him in, until the final confrontation, in which you must throw Bowser into a bomb three times.

On the clock stage, enter at 3, 6, or 9 o'clock for all the gears to stop working.

To get the very first star, enter the doorway on the far left of the castle (marked with a star). Give a hip smash to the post that Chomp is chained to, and when he breaks the fence he will release a star! You can now venture into any level with a "1" on the door.

After you collect ten stars, stand on the sunburst in the Main Hallway and look up. You will be transported to a flying level. Activate the red switch to get the winged hat which lets Mario fly!

On the first ice stage, commence your slide, and on the first left turn, head for the line of coins. You'll speed straight through into a hidden tunnel where two extra men are up for grabs.

Mario will find three different switch markers that will lead to different hats. The first is the flying hat, activated by the red switch. The second hat, the chrome hat, is activated by the green switch. This hat lets you walk under water. The third hat, activated by the blue switch, makes Mario invincible. Now Mario can take on really tough enemies and walk through certain walls!

After getting two stars in this level, go to the first tree. Climb up the tree and grab onto the owl that flies out. Let go when you see a star you can grab.

The only way to eliminate these plants is to sneak up on them while they're sleeping, then bop them.

Whenever you find yourself low on power, look for the nearest large body of water. It will restore your power.

Enter the red sliding level, and jump to the left just as you come out of the tunnel. If you time it correctly, you'll land on a later part of the course, saving valuable seconds. Finish in less than 21 seconds for another star!

After completing most of the the Sea world, try coaxing the eel out of his cave. He has a star attached to his tail.

When racing in the snow world, leap off the slide as soon as you start. if you can catch one of the lower slides, you will finish the slide ride ahead of the time limit. Also, look for a hidden area near the walls of this area.

The height of your jump into the picture will determine the water level. For example, If you jump high, the water level is high.

Carry Mario's hat in his hands:
Go to Snowman's Land (the second snow world) and allow the big snowman to blow Mario's hat off. Enter the warp that is under a tree, and go back and forth through the warps about three to five times. Return to where the hat was blown off and pick it up. Mario will now be holding it in his hands.

Defeating second Bowser:
When you meet the second Bowser, he will jump and the platform slopes. After that, go very close to the farthest bomb from Bowser. Press Z to duck .When he tries to bump you, and is very close, press A. Mario will do a backward somersault. After that, grab his tail and throw him to the bomb.

Extra stars:
Besides the six stars in each course there is an additional a seventh star obtained when 100 coins are collected. There are also stars in the castle. Toad gives Mario a few, as well as the running rabbit in the basement.

Flying cap:
Get this get nine stars and defeat the first koopa level. A light will appear from the ceiling in the main area in the castle after the koopa level. Look directly at the light to reach the flying cap level. Fly straight down to the platform and land. Step on the red button.

Invisibility hat:
Run through the hall that is flooded and has an unmarked door. Enter the door and find the location where there are two pillars in the water. Super butt slam on both of them. After the water drains, follow the arrows that leads to another room. Go through the door, then find the square hole in the ground. Enter the hole and complete the rest of the level to find the hat.

Look through walls:
Walk up to a wall at a certain angle in first person view to see past it.

Mario wearing sunglasses:
At the screen where Mario's face can be altered, press B, then hold R and pull Mario's cheeks up as far as possible and keep them that way. Mario will look like he is wearing sunglasses.

Reaching high ledges:
To reach high ledges, back flip, triple jump, or wall kick.

Steel cap:
Go to the caves level in the other part of the castle. First, make a left then super jump to the other side and open the door. Turn right and follow the path. Super jump to where the huge boulders are located. Reach the top of where the boulders are dropping from. Go through the door and step on the elevator. When the elevator stops, follow the path to the under ground sea. Find the sea dragon and get on his back. Execute a super butt stomp on his back, then get on his head. Lead him to the part of land that contains the red outlined blocks and jump on them. Then, go through the door and run to the other stream. Try not to fall in the water. Jump from land to land until reaching the green switch. Stomp on the switch to get the steel cap.

Stop the clock level:
To stop the clock level on the third floor of the castle, jump in at exactly 12 o'clock

Shortcut in final Bowser level:
Climb up the "Lego" platform, to reach to a part that levels out just a bit. Get as close as possible to the part that continues to climb, then turn around and perform a long jump in the opposite direction. Mario will land on the checkered platform right before the moving platform with the arrow on it. Using this will allow you to avoid the time and the danger of the flameblowers along the way of the "Lego" path.

Spiral stairs shortcut:
Walk into the castle, walk up the stairs to the door with the key hole, then go inside. You will see a column to the left, just before the staircase starts to spiral. Walk along the wall to your left until reaching the corner where the wall and the column meet. Perform a double jump while still moving in that direction. This should allow Mario to jump through the ceiling and bring him right to the top of the stairs. Although this is not a very large shortcut, it will save a few seconds and some dizziness.

Unlimited cap usage:
Go to the third Bowser level. Collect seven red coins. Restart, then do the same thing on the second Bowser level, then the first Bowser level. After that, get all eight red coins, get the star, and repeat the process going from Bowser 3 to 1.

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