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Warping (Part 2)

The Wind Waker

Wind Waker wand.png

Warp portal from Great Sea to Hyrule

The Wind Waker features more warping utilizing the game's titular item, the Wind Waker. After obtaining the bow, Link can face any of the larger cyclones and shoot Cyclos, who is hiding within the cyclone. If three successful hits are achieved, Cyclos will submit to Link and teach him the Ballad of Gales, which allows Link to harness the power of the cyclones and travel to one of several squares of the map, and is in fact the only way to get inside the Mother and Child Isles. Every island in the Great Sea, except for Thorned Fairy Island, is within one square of one of these warp points; the Forsaken Fortress and the nearby Star Island and Four-Eye Reefmay also be considered exceptions, since the Mother & Child Isles warp point only takes Link inside the island.

A glowing ring of light appears centered in the waters before the Tower of the Gods which serves to warp Link and the King of Red Lions to a path leading to Hyrule Castle.

The different warping places are as follows:


Within many dungeons there are also pots with fogs of various colors. These are known as Warp Jars. These jars are often covered by wooden planks to prevent usage, but these planks can be removed with the use of a bomb. The cycle is green, blue, yellow. The yellow pot is usually right outside the boss room. If one of the pots is still covered, that pot is skipped in the cycle.

The Savage Labyrinth has Pillars of Light that serve as a warp spot. Warping back to the entrance is the only possibility. This dungeon doesn't allow Link to warp to any previously cleared areas.

Four Swords Adventures

One notable semi-warp system from the setup of Four Swords Adventures is the ability to choose which stage to play at any time after completing levels. Otherwise, the game prominently features Moon Gates and Moon Pearls as connections between the Dark and Light Worlds. Enchanted Pits in some cases serve the same purpose as a Moon Gate by sending Link to the Dark World counterpart of the area.

Several areas contain warping systems that send the Links back to set points. These enchanted areas are listed below. Also returning in certain areas are Whirlpool Waterways.

The Minish Cap


TMC Ocarina of Wind Sprite.png

The Minish Cap brings back the Ocarina warping system from A Link to the Past with the Ocarina of Wind. Finding and activating any of the many Wind Crestsaround Hyrule will shatter the stone, leaving only a symbol in its place, and sets the spot as a warp point. Once obtained, the Ocarina of Wind can be used to summon Zeffa the bird to carry Link to any of the activated Wind Crests.

The different Wind Crest Locations are as follows:

Other, different warp pads also appear within dungeons, similarly to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color The Legend of Zelda games of past. A blue warp pad will appear at the entrance and in the mini-boss room once said mini-boss is defeated. Using the newly found warp tile will activate its counterpart near the entrance to the dungeon. Once both are activated warping will be unrestricted between the two. A red pad will appear at the entrance and in the room right before the dungeon's boss. As with the blue one, using it causes its counterpart to appear near the entrance; thus allowing free travel between the two. These are useful to prepare for a boss fight and return close enough to retain health and stocked inventories. Green warps only appear in the boss room after a boss has been defeated, and warp Link back to the entrance. Green warps are one-way only.

After fusing Kinstones with the member of the Wind Tribe found in Hyrule Castle Town a warp pedestal will appear just North of Link's house. This warp portal leads to the Wind Tribe's tower in the Cloud Tops.

Twilight Princess


A usable Portal

The largest overworld of The Legend of Zelda series would be expected to employ a powerful warping system. Twilight Princess delivers via Midna's help and a function to warp otherwise immovable objects far across the Hylian landscape.

In Twilight PrincessShadow Beasts appear at key locations across the landscapes of Hyrule. Defeating each of the groups of Shadow Beasts will create a Portal near their location, which Midna can then utilize to warp Link and herself across Hyrule. Very large objects can be transported in this manner.

The warping locations

The complete set of warp locations are as follows:

TP Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. Models.png

Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. are characters in Twilight Princess, however they can be obtained as a temporary item if found. They can warp Link out of the dungeon, and return later to the room that he warped from. This item works very much in the same fashion as the Warp Jar found in The Wind Waker. Ooccoo is removed from Link's inventory upon completion of the temple he found her in.

The Great Fairy offers to warp Link back to the Cave of Ordeals entrance or to any of the Fountains in which she has sent fairies to. This power is not unexpected from such a magically powerful person. This option, only available every 10 floors, is the only way to get back out of the cave if Link doesn't have the proper tools or enough health to continue.

When in a dig cavern, Link can climb onto a rock where a beam of light shines, and will then appear above ground. This is similar to the way hidden grottos work in Ocarina of Time.

Phantom Hourglass

Link warping from a portal.

In Phantom Hourglass, each dungeon contains a portal of blue light in the penultimate room, just before the boss's room. Once Link reaches the room, he can read a tablet which reveals two connected lights, one near him and one at the beginning of the dungeon. Stepping into this portal lets Link warp back to the other light of the dungeon, either in the first or the last room.

The Temple of the Ocean King employs a unique Warping system due to its clock-based nature. Throughout the temple, there are blue warp portals (much like in other temples without the ability to return), which are usually located near chests containing pieces of the Sea Chart. However, once Link reaches a certain point in the temple, he gains access to the golden portal. Stepping into this sends Link back to the entrance, much like the blue counterparts, only it saves the time he used to reach it. Thus, Link can use the portal to skip half way through the temple, at the cost of taking away the time in the Phantom Hourglass originally used to get to said point.

Cyclone Slate PH.png

The six warping symbols.

The Golden Frogs locations

Phantom Hourglass also features a system of warping across the Great Sea similar to The Wind Waker, although instead of using the Wind Waker baton to summon cyclones, Link uses a Cyclone Slate obtained from the Golden Chief Cylos of Uncharted Island. There are a total of six symbols which can be drawn, and are each learned from Golden Frogs shot down by Linebeck's ship cannon throughout the seas.

The World of the Ocean King map features the ability to notate the symbols at their respective warp points, one of the key ways of interacting with Phantom Hourglass's stylus-based system. Drawing a symbol on the slate will take Link to the location of the frog that taught him that symbol. The symbols must be drawn in one stroke without the stylus mistouching the screen. However simple it may be, random failure can be expected but there is no penalty.

The complete list of Golden Frog locations are as follows:

Battle Mode

Most of the Battle Mode Stages are symmetrical rooms with a set of staircases at opposing points; even though the stages take place in single-storied rooms. The staircases serve as warp points between one another. All of the staircases are surrounded by walls and Safe Zones. For this reason, only Link is capable of using the stairways to traverse from one side of the room to another.

Spirit Tracks

Main article: Spacetime Gate

The warp portals in the Dark Realm

Spirit Tracks employs a new system of warping in the overworld. Scattered throughout the four realms are a total of 16 Spacetime Gates. All Spacetime Gates come in pairs: one with a green Force Gem at the top, and one without it. When Link encounters a gate with a Force Gem, he must activate it by blasting the gem with the Cannon, turning the Force Gem yellow and thus allowing the young hero to travel between the two at any time, in either direction. To utilize them, the Spirit Train's whistle must be blown as they are approached, which will cause a yellow portal to open.

In the first part of the Dark Realm, there are similar warp portals at the edges of the realm that, when Link goes through them, transport the Spirit Train to another section of the realm. These are necessary in order to collect the Tears of Light that are scattered throughout which are used to defeat all of the Armored Trains in the realm.

Skyward Sword

Bird Statue locations in the Faron Province

Though there is no actual method of warping from location to location in Skyward Sword, Link's manner of transportation depends entirely on his Loftwing. As the Surface and the Sky are separated by a Cloud Barrier, Link must obtain the three Ancient Tablets and place them above the altar inside the Statue of the Goddess. Each tablet will create an opening in the cloud barrier, marked by a Column of Light the color of the corresponding region.[8] Throughout each province are Bird Statues[9] set in key locations; once Link has activated a bird statue, it will appear marked on his map. Afterwards, whenever Link must travel from Skyloftto one of the three provinces, he will be able to reach different locations according to each activated statue.

Trial Gate.png

Skyward Sword also features alternate dimensions known as the Silent Realms, where Link must undergo a test in order to grow spiritually and earn a sacred treasure.[10] Each realm is accessible through a portal called the Trial Gate. After playing the corresponding Sacred Song, petals will grow around the gate mark.[11] Once petals completely surround it, the Trial Gate will fully activate, and Link must thrust his sword into the center of the gate mark to be transported to the Silent Realm. Link is only able to use the Trial Gates once, for he has proven his spiritual growth. However, he will be able to access the Silent Realms in Lanayru's Lightning Round.

A Link Between Worlds

This section of the page is incomplete. You can help Zelda Wiki by expanding it.

In A Link Between WorldsWeather Vanes scattered across Hyrule and Lorule serve as both check points and warp destination points. Soon after completing the Eastern Palace, Link will meet Irene the witch, who will give Link a bell. This bell can then be used to call the young witch while in the overworld and warp to any Weather Vane that has been activated. Irene can not be called in dungeons, houses or caves. After Irene is transformed into a painting and kidnapped by Yuga, she will not appear on her broom anymore, but this is merely a cosmetic change.

The list of locations in Hyrule that Link can warp to using the Bell is:

The list of locations in Lorule that Link can warp to using the Bell is:

In addition to this, teleportation tiles return in certain dungeons, where they serve the same purpose as in A Link to the Past. Portals leading back the dungeon's entrance also appear after the dungeon's miniboss has been defeated.

Other Appearances

Ambiguously Canon Content


BS The Legend of Zelda

Flute Sprite.png

An Ocarina located in the fourth level will warp Link to any completed dungeon, and thus works exactly like the Recorder. When the Ocarina is played while facing West, it will warp Link to the next dungeon. If played while facing East, it will return Link to the previous dungeon. The Ocarina can also be used to reveal a few hidden secrets within the game.

Other Warping

Diamond Steppe Warp Points mapped

Enchanted Areas

The wrong direction in many enchanted areas will warp Link back to the entrance, unless he knows the specific directions or the trick to get through.

Dungeon Warping


  • Dungeon Warp Tiles serve as an interactive maze in many dungeons. These tiles test a hero's mental powers. The Tower of Heraprominently features warp tiles. Note: This is similar to the mini-boss and Boss room warping tiles. The difference is that the exit points and entrance points are often in rooms with no further way out.
  • Often after slaying a dungeon boss, Link will be warped outside.
  • Wallmasters and Floormasters grab Link and frequently drag him back to the entrance. This is rarely used by a player's own free will.
  • Usually when Link falls down a bottomless pit or into lava, he will be warped to a nearby location, either the entrance he used to get into the area or simply the bank he fell off of.
  • In the Face Shrine in Link's Awakening, the room after the dungeon's mini-boss, Smasher, has a northern door that, when entered, warps Link to a similar room further south in the dungeon.
  • Onox's Castle contains rooms with open doorways seemingly to allow Link to pass attacking enemies. The Northern door will return Link to the same room, the left and right doorways, after being unlocked again will return Link to the castle's entrance.

Overworld and Miscellaneous Warping


  • In both the Great Sea of The Wind Waker and the World of the Ocean King of Phantom HourglassLink is given the power to warp by cyclones given by frog-like creatures, Cyclos and the Golden Chief Cylos.
  • In The Minish Cap, the tune that is played on the Ocarina of Wind is the same tune that the Recorder played in The Legend of Zelda.
  • Late in each game in the 3D series, Link will be able to warp to almost everywhere on the map, leaving Epona seemingly useless as a mode of transportation.
  • In Ocarina of Time, if Link uses one of the warp songs while on a timer, it will run out instantly to prevent shortcuts.
  • In Skyward SwordBird Statues have a similar role to the Owl Statue and Song of Soaring combination of Majora's Mask, in that Link can choose to which statue he or she wishes to descend, although he still has to fly to each region beforehand. Also, the statues within each dungeon will teleport Link to the entrance.

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