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Warping (Part 1)


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Link's Spirit Train about to pass through an opened Spacetime Gate


The Legend of Zelda
A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
The Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures
The Minish Cap
Twilight Princess
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
Skyward Sword
A Link Between Worlds
Breath of the Wild

Other Media

BS The Legend of Zelda

Warping is a recurring ability in The Legend of Zelda series.[citation needed] New additions to the series often bring newer methods of warping. In all cases, warping is the fastest mode of traveling across the land and sea. No physical or magical explanation is usually offered for these mysterious portals and songs.



The Legend of Zelda

TLoZ Recorder Sprite.png

Recorder will warp to any dungeon that Link has cleared. If Link is facing North or East, he will warp to the next dungeon. If he is facing South or West, he will warp to the dungeon before the one he is at. The Recorder can also be used to reveal hidden secrets.

After obtaining the Power Bracelet and the ability to push boulders around, Link can access certain stairwells that warp to others across Hyrule. The Old Man inside the cave offers 3 paths. The stairways and where they lead to are always set and not chosen randomly, although there is no visible indicator of which stairway takes Link where.

A Link to the Past

Link near a Whirlpool Waterway

This Super NES title returned warping to The Legend of Zelda series after a notable absence in The Adventure of Link. Instead of the Recorder in The Legend of Zelda, the Flute takes the same role, calling upon a bird to carry Link to different locations across Hyrule. Playing the Flute by the Weathercock in Kakariko Village will release the Flute Boy's Bird. Blowing into the wind instrument will summon this Bird, who will carry Link to any of the following places:

  1. Near the Mountain Cave on Death Mountain
  2. The Magic Shop
  3. By the Weathercock in Kakariko Village
  4. Link's House
  5. South of the Eastern Palace
  6. An outcropping at the southwest of the Desert of Mystery
  7. The Watergate at the Great Swamp
  8. The southeast side of Lake Hylia
  9. On the eastern side of Death Mountain, on top of the rock that mirrors Turtle Rock (only in the Game Boy Advanceversion)

Link cannot use the Flute in the Dark World normally, but he is able to use it after defeating Agahnim in Ganon's Tower to transport directly to the Pyramid of Power. He cannot do this again, however.

Whirlpool Waterways

Main article: Whirlpool Waterway

Similar to the warp caves in the original The Legend of Zelda, Whirlpool Waterways will allow Link to travel from various bodies of water once he has Zora's Flippers. While the majority of these are in the Light World, some exist in the Dark World.

Magical Warp Tiles

Main article: Magical Warp Tile

Reaching the Dark World is also done via warping, using Warp Tiles. These are usually hidden under Rocks in various places across Hyrule, and there are eight in all.

The gateway of Hyrule Castle will also warp to the Dark World after overthrowing Agahnim.[1]

To travel back from the Dark World, Link must use an item called the Magic Mirror. Doing so leaves behind a small sparkling portal that he can use to return to the Dark World at any time. Also new to the series, Link is able to warp to the entrance to a dungeon at any time by using the Magic Mirror.

Teleportation Tile

Warp Tile.gif

Warp Target.gif

The Teleportation Tile also offers a new twist to complicated dungeon mazes. Stepping on one warps Link to another room in the dungeon, often with choices of other warp tiles to go through. This seemingly simple innovation proved complex to navigate, often disorientating Link by transporting him to a seemingly similar room on the other side of the dungeon. Inactive, gray versions of the Teleportation Tile serve as warp target locations. The warped-to tile will be inactive thus preventing Link from going back easily.

Link's Awakening

Manbo's Pond and Crazy Tracy's Health Spa

Warping on the relatively small Koholint Island is minimal but still functional for rapid travel. The warp pads in the dungeon's mini-boss room, which only appears once the mini-boss is defeated, along with its counterpart at the dungeon entrance, debuted with this title.

  • Playing Manbo's Mambo will warp Link to Manbo's Pond near Crazy Tracy's Health Spa.
    • Manbo's Mambo will also warp to the dungeon entrance when played inside of dungeons.
  • Warp Holes can be found on elevated platforms at various points across the overworld. They can be used to warp Link to the next warp hole he has seen, in a specific sequence.[2]

    LADX Warp Hole Sprite.png

    • Warp Hole Locations
      • Ukuku Prairie
      • Tal Tal Mountain Range
      • Tal Tal Heights
      • East of the Bay

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time.png

The title of this game is the instrument used for warping, as well as other magical effects such as acting as the key to open the Door of Time and solving certain puzzles. The main new feature to using an instrument to warp is the use of multiple songs to get to specific locations, usually warping to the entrances of temple dungeons, including the Temple of Time. The feature thus far is unique to this title. This title also debuted the ability to warp through time as opposed to only warping through space, although by using the Master Sword rather than the Ocarina (except at the end, when Princess Zelda uses it for this purpose). A third method of warping is available through the spell Farore's Wind.

The primary method of warping in Ocarina of Time is by using the Ocarina of Time.[3] Link learns several songs such as the Minuet of Forest that warp him to a special pad in front of the song's corresponding temple; i.e. the Nocturne of Shadow will carry him to the Shadow Temple, and so forth.[4]

Farore's Wind

There is also a Spell that can be found known as Farore's Wind. When used, it will place a "marker" at the door of the most recently traveled-through entrance. Upon being used again, it will carry Link back to that marker. This is a useful tool as it can also warp Link out of locked rooms and escape from difficult enemies, such as the dungeon's boss or mini-boss. It can also be used to warp from one dungeon to another, if a warp point was set and Farore's Wind was later used. It cannot be used to warp between Child Link dungeons and Adult Link dungeons however.


Drawing the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time will warp Link 7 years into the future. Replacing the sword warps back 7 years. Link's age will change from a child to adult and vice versa in this warping system. This would be the first time-warping used in The Legend of Zelda series.

Majora's Mask

Due to the unusual nature of Saving in Majora's Mask, the primary use for warping tends to be getting to a save point. The game may be saved once at any of the owl statues, which serve as warp destination points; as well as returning to the First Day. Although the Ocarina of Time returned, the warping function reverted to having only one song which allows for selecting a specific warp destination from a map. It did, however, gain the ability to warp through time as well as space.

Song of Soaring

Link warping to 1st Day

Not long into the game, Link learns the Song of Soaring, which can be used to take Link to any Owl Statue that he has marked with his sword.[5] It is the only song Link needs for warping to specific locations, unlike in Ocarina of Time where he had several songs. Once the song is played, the map screen will appear showing an owl icon in the areas Link had activated them. Link simply selects an area, and warps.

The complete set of warp locations are as follows:

The Ocarina of Time's other function returns Link to Clock Town on the Dawn of the First Day when playing the Song of Time. This is the only form of warping with a cost. All Rupees and item stocks will be depleted upon returning to the First Day, although Link can save Rupees at the Clock Town Bank.

There are also pads at the entrances of the four dungeons within the game. If Link has defeated the boss of that dungeon once before, Link will be have the option of warping right to the boss room and fighting the boss instantly. This can save time instead of going through the troubles of the temple once again.

Oracle of Seasons

Gale Seed.png

Gale Seeds have the ability to warp Link to any of the Mystical TreesTrees bearing Mystical Seeds. As ammunition from the Seed Shooter or Slingshot, Gale seeds will send common enemies away.

Mystical Tree Locations

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Time Warping

Oracle of Ages - Harp of Ages.png

The Harp of Ages and its songs warps Link through time. This works similarly to warping from the Dark World to the Light World in A Link to the Past: via warping Link to the same map coordinates the item is used. The Tune of Echoes, the first tune learned, will open up sleeping time portals, whereas the Tune of Currentswhich is learned later will instantly warp Link to the present day regardless of where he is. Only the Tune of Ages can warp Link to any of the two time eras, anywhere. In the case of the Tune of Currents and Tune of Ages, a sparkling warp point will also stay and remain from where Link was standing when he first warped in. Standing on this will send Link back or forward.


Hidden portals, in Oracle of Seasons will warp to Subrosia. The portals in Subrosia also return to Holodrum. There are seven portals between the two worlds.

In a linked game, a warp portal will appear near the Maku Tree. This portal leads to an extra mini-dungeon with the real final bosses.

Four Swords

File:FS Warp Pad - Chambers of Insight.png

A Warp Zone

In Four Swords, there exist Warp Zones that the Links may stand on to use. Warp Zones come in sets, with as many Warp Zones as there are Links present. Each set will teleport the Links to a different floor of a Stage when all of its Warp Zones are occupied.[6] An exception is the Chambers of Insight, where the southernmost Warp Zones will return the Links to the Stage selection map.[7]

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