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Back to the Future 2 & 3 NES FAQ/Walkthrough v2.0 by Stephen Maiorana (RoyalRanger)

Back to the Future 2 & 3 NES FAQ/Walkthrough v2.0
by Stephen Maiorana (RoyalRanger)
E-mail: RoyalRanger@safeplace.net
AIM: RoyalRanger85

RoyalRanger's NES Site:

Last Update: 10/27/01

Revision History:

10/27/01 - Revamped the entire document, adding controls, gameplay help,
 and whatnot.
10/19/00 - Added Game Genie codes. Added OBJECTS section.
10/9/00 - Fixed Map Key 'Puzzle Rooms.' Added an extra puzzle room to the
 street list to complete it.


The Basics
How To Play
Getting Started
Tips And Tricks
Game Genie Codes
Back to the Future III
Final Notes


Back to the Future is my favorite movie of all time, hands down. I've seen it
many times, it never ceases to entertain me.

When LJN released the NES version of my favorite movie for the NES, there was
nothing but disappointment at the realization that it was nothing more than a
cheap rip-off of Paperboy.

Would Back to the Future 2 & 3, based off of the two BTTF movie sequels, be any
better a game? After all, this one was released by LJN as well. Well, it sure
looked different on the box, so I figured it was worth a try.

Amazed I was. With the instruction booklet to lend a hand, I found myself
engrossed in a pretty good game that I had never even heard of before.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what the heck I was doing and eventually gave up
on ever trying to beat the game. It seemed impossible, and quite long.

But a few years later, I picked up the game again. This time, taking the advice
of the instruction manual, I spent quite a bit of time drawing maps to guide me
through the city streets. When all the maps were finished, I finally did it --
I spent time playing the game, though it was about 5 hours in one shot, and I
beat it for the very first time!

What I once saw as a pointless and ridiculously challenging game, I now saw as
a fun treasure hunt. Sure, the game takes a while to finish, especially having
to do it all at once, but what I found was an underrated and extremely
overlooked game that I enjoyed quite a bit.

So I present this FAQ to you, the reader. I know how challenging and confusing
this game can be, so I present you with a little help to get along your way, as
well as some maps and the like to guide you throughout.



The Back to the Future 2 & 3 story isn't a seperate plot of its own, but
continues from the adventures of the first Back to the Future game. Due to the
connection between the two games, I'll give you a quick briefing of the events
that occurred before this story takes place.

Please Note: The following paragraphs are retellings of the plot of the game of
reference, Back to the Future 2 & 3, as well as its predecessor, Back to the
Future. The game plots are not exact duplicates of the movie plots. The two are
quite different. If you would like to know the plot of the movies -- well, go
watch them for yourself.


Marty Mcfly, a teenager living in the small town of Hill Valley, knew an
eccentric scientist, Emmitt Brown, commonly referred to as "Doc." After
spending much family fortune, Doc created a time machine out of a
DeLorean-style car.

Through some unfortunate events, Marty accidentally transported himself to
1955. With problems at hand, Marty has to get himself back to 1985 in one
piece. Once this happens everything should be fine.......

Current Events

After things have been returned to normal, Doc comes to the realization that
Marty has some problems with his future. Problems only Marty can fix.

Going to the future, the year 2015, to repair damage, Marty inadvertently
causes trouble when Biff Tannen takes a sport's almanac and time travels back
to 1955 to give the book to his younger self.

The young Biff Tannen now has years-worth of game scores, right in the palm of
his hand. Of course, to Biff, this means nothing more than a rise to riches as
he bets on many games, gaining more and more money as time progresses. By the
year 1985, Biff has become the most powerful man the world has even known.

To protect the valuable book, Biff travels through all different time periods
and scatters random objects throughout different streets and years, the result
causing a glitch in the space-time continuum.

It's Marty's job to fix the astronomical problem that he has helped to create.
In order to get the sport's almanac back and prevent Biff from becoming so
powerful, Marty much put all scattered objects, thirty in all, back where they
belong, in order to repair the space-time continuum, allowing the book to be


UP - Enter Doors

DOWN - Enter Doors
 Enter Manholes

LEFT/RIGHT - Move Marty Back And Forth

SELECT - Switch from Status Panel to Object Panel and Vice-Versa

START - Pause the Game

B - Fire Weapon

A - Jump


Back to the Future 2 & 3 can prove to be quite a complicating game. There's the
main part of the game you must complete, Back to the Future 2, and then there's
even a smaller version of this that comes later, Back to the Future 3. Most of
this FAQ will deal only with Back to the Future 2, part 3 will be referred
mentioned near the end of this document.

Before we get into an explanation of the procedures needed for completing this
"treasure hunt" you must get involved in, I'm going to first cover some of the
basics, such as items and enemies.

Status and Object Panels

At the bottom of your playing screen is a bar displaying a few numbers, with
the "Back to the Future" logo lingering at the far left. This is your Status

Displayed on the status panel are your number of lives, food points, and
nuclear fuel points, as well as your total score. The number which corresponds
to each should be obvious (the pizza slice picture goes with the food points,

By pressing the SELECT button, you can alternate between your Status Panel and
your Object Panel. While viewing the Object Panel, the game will freeze until
you switch back to your Status Panel.

On the Status Panel will be the number of keys you own and the number of needed
items you have in your collection (this number is represented by a trophe). In
addition, you will able to be able to view and use your remote control, seed
pods, or compass, if you have collected any of these.


Compass: Collect this, and the compass can tell you what year you're in, what
 street you're on, and what sector of the street you're at. Wow, what a
 high-tech compass!

Food: Usually represented with pizza slices and soda bottles (except in the
 of a bonus round), collecting food will earn you food points. Pizza
 awarding 10 points, soda awarding 1 point, an accumulation of 100 points
 will give you an extra life.

Fuel: Little radiation symbols each represent 1 point of nuclear fuel. This
 is needed in order to time travel, which you will be doing a lot of. Be
 sure to keep as much of this in your inventory as possible. Maximum fuel
 permitted is 40 points.

Keys: Keys are needed to open Object Rooms. Keys will always be found at
 places. Try to collect many.

Hoverboard: You will find these in various places along the game. These can't
 collected, but if you find one, you can jump on it and you can fly
 through a street at amazing speed until the hoverboard blinks
 for a few seconds and disappears.

Moveable Platforms: Like hoverboards, these cannot be collected but can perform
 a useful function when jumped on. Movable platforms are
 small and can be moved either directly vertical or directly
 horizontal when you are standing on them.

 Sometimes, you'll have to cross a large gap using a movable
 platform. If the platform doesn't move in the direction you
 would like it to (if it moves vertical instead of
 or vice-versa), you'll have to time travel to another year,
 where the platform will still exist, but may possibly move
 in a different direction.

Seeds: These are needed to reach Object Rooms on high platforms. (This will
 explained in more detail later.)

Stars: Find one of these and you can shoot a little bouncing weapon with the B
 button. If you lose a life, you lose your weapon as well.


Many different enemies will appear and block your path. Many will just walk
back and forth on a platform. Some will head towards you or start flying around
when you get close. Most of these enemies can be eliminated by jumping on them
(except pipe snakes, DO NOT jump on them), and some will release an item, such
as a key of fuel, when destroyed.

One main enemy to look out for is Biff. He's the only human enemy, and he's
bigger than you. He may run around and shoot his weapon at you. Or sometimes
he'll ride a hoverboard and zoom towards you. Watch out for him! Jumping on
Biff once will defeat him.


You start the game with 10 lives. By falling into a pit or touching an enemy,
you will lose one of these lives. Each time you lose a life, you'll start at
the exact same spot you died.

Once you lose a life, you get the opportunity to use one of your unlimited
continues. Using a continue will also start you from where you last died, but
your lives, food points, fuel points, and score will be reset. The number of
objects you found and/or returned will remain the same.


Back to the Future 2 revolves around three main time periods: 1955, 1985, and
2015. Each of these years contains fifteen streets to explore.

Throughout the game, there are two main things you must find: Object Rooms and
Puzzle Rooms. You can also find Bonus Rooms for a fun... umm... bonus... but
these are not necessary.

In the following, I will attempt to explain the purpose of Object Rooms and
Puzzle Rooms, as well as the means in which to reach them.

Object Rooms

Object Rooms are the rooms where you will find one of the thirty objects you're
seeking out. So, of course, there will be thirty object rooms you must visit,
each room represented by a doorway.

Each object room must first be opened with a key. When you have at least one
key, all you have to do is stand in front of a door, pressing UP, and you'll
unlock it and enter it.

Inside an object room is a little puzzle you must complete. Marty will be a lot
smaller than usual, due to the fact that each Object Room is to take up no more
than the size of the screen.

What you have to do, is collect all the clocks that appear in the room before
time runs out. Once all the clocks have been collected, a trophy will appear
somewhere on the screen. Grab the trophy, and you will have won the Object Room
and one of the required items. But if you touch an enemy at all (you can't jump
on them to kill them here) or fall into a pit, you will lose a life and have to
re-enter the Object Room (though the door will remain unlocked).

There is a slight problem, though, because some Object Rooms will be
unreachable due to height. If this does happen, first make sure you have a seed
in your inventory. If so, stand directly under the door you need to reach. Time
travel back to 1955 and jump out of the time machine the second reach 1955.
Plant the seed and return to the year you came from. By now, there should be a
full grown plant you can jump on top of to reach the Object Room.

Puzzle Rooms

Puzzle Rooms are the places where you will be able to return an item. Puzzle
Rooms will be found in manholes or pipes. Not all manholes and pipes will have
a Puzzle Room inside, so you'll have to check them all first to find the pipes
or manholes you're searching for.

When you enter a Puzzle Room, a chart of all items you have collected will
appear. Above the chart is a scrambled word. You must first find out what the
scrambled word really is. To help, you can press START to bring your cursor up
to the word and use your keypad and A button to move letters around in an
attempt to find the true word.

You do not have to unscramble the word completely, but if you know what the
word is, press START again to bring your cursor down to the item chart. If you
hold the item that corresponds to the word above, then click the item, which
will disappear from your inventory and reveal part of a picture behind it,
leaving you with one less object to take care of.

Be careful, though. If you click the wrong object, the object will return to
the Object Room where you found it, meaning you'll have to return to that
Object Room and complete the room all over again. If you do not hold the object
needed in the Puzzle Room, or if you are not sure of the scrambled word or the
objects you hold, leave the Puzzle Room with the SELECT button and take note of
where the Puzzle Room is, so you can return later.

Bonus Room

Bonus Rooms will be found at various places around the town. Sometimes, they
will be found in manholes or pipes. But other times, Bonus Rooms are found
inside buildings, such as cafes. If you want to search for Bonus Rooms, be sure
to check the manholes and pipes as well as any structure you reach.

Inside a bonus room, there will be objects, usually food, that you must collect
in a limited amount of time. Once you collect all of the items, a large pizza
will appear. Grab the pizza and you'll get a few extra lives. But you must do
this all before time runs out. If time runs out before you collect all the
items, you can just leave the room without a problem, but you won't get your
extra lives, either.

Time Travelling

One of the key components of this game is time travelling. There are two main
reasons to time travel. One reason is to find the different Object Rooms and
Puzzle Rooms in the different years. The second reason is to gain access to
certain streets, because not all streets are connected to each other in each

The first step to using your time machine is to find the remote control you
need to call the time machine with (if you need help finding the remote, you
can refer to the maps below). Once you have the remote, use it by selecting it
on your Object Bar. The time machine will appear, so jump in to get on your

Inside the time machine, use the UP and DOWN buttons to flip between the years
1955, 1985, and 2015. Once you have the proper year selected, press your A
button to time travel to that year.

If you hear a beeping sound before time traveling to the year you wish to go
to, this means that you don't have enough fuel to travel to that year. You'll
have to get out of the time machine (Use the B button) and find fuel first. A
small chart of required fuel is shown below.

From 1955 to 1985: 10 Fuel Units
From 1955 to 2015: 17 Fuel Units
From 1985 to 1955: 10 Fuel Units
From 1985 to 2015: 10 Fuel Units
From 2015 to 1955: 17 Fuel Units
From 2015 to 1985: 10 Fuel Units

Be careful how much you time travel. Every time you time travel, a clone of
yourself will be created in the year you left. The more clones that are
created, the more of a probability there is that you'll run into yourself. If
you do find a clone of yourself running around, do not touch it, because doing
so will cause you to lose a life. The clone will follow many of your moves (it
will jump when you do) so try to lead it out of that way or get it to jump down
a hole to get the clone out of the way.


Well, we've covered just about everything there is to cover. The rest is up to

If you would like to solve this game on your own, I recommend first seeking out
the time machine's remote control and the compass. Then, draw yourself maps of
each year, covering alleyways that take you from one street to another and also
covering the positions of Object Rooms and Puzzle Rooms. Remember, there are
three different years with fifteen streets each, so if your maps don't cover a
total of 45 streets, you'll be missing some.

There really is no particular path to follow, just go to the streets in
whichever order you chose. Have fun and enjoy. Just be forewarned that this
game is very difficult and will probably take no less than four hours minimum
to complete.

If you would like further help with this game, there are maps, object position
lists, Puzzle Room items, and other fun information listed below.


If you need help finding Object Rooms or Puzzle Rooms or just finding your way
around, below are maps to guide you. There are three maps total, one for each
year. The same streets will exist in each year, but alleyways will be changed
between them, so you may have to do some time travelling to get around.

Map Key

--------------- = Street
| = Alleyway
@ = Starting Point
* = Object Room
P = Puzzle Room
B = Bonus Room
C = Compass
R = Remote Control


 B---------*---- 1

 --------P------ 2
 | ------B-----P-* 3
 -------P------- 4

 P-------------- 5
 | |
 -----P--------- 6 |
 | |
 | ----*---------- 7
 | |
 -------*------- 8
 | |
 --------------P 9 |
 --------*------ 10
 -P-----------B- 11 |
 -----------*--- 12

 ---B--------*-- 13

 -------------*P 14

 ------*-----P-- 15

--------*-----P 16


 -------P------- 1
 | |
 -------*------- 2 |
 -----------*--- 3

 --------------* 4
 | |
 --------P------ 5
 | |
 --*R----------P 6 |
 | |
 | --B----P------- 7
 | B |
 Start -----@*-------- 8
 -----B--------P 9
 | -------------P- 10
 | |
 -----------P--- 11 |
 --*----------B- 12
 *-------------- 13
 P-------------* 14 |
 | |
 | ---*----------P 15
-*---------P--- 16


 ---------*----- 1

 P-------------- 2

 *------------P- 3

 -------------*P 4
 | |
 ---P----------- 5
 C | |
 ---B----------* 6 |
 | |
 | ----------*---P 7
 | |
 -----B------*-- 8
 | |
 *------------P- 9 |
 --------------P 10

 ---P----------- 11

 -----P--------- 12
 | --------*------ 13
 | |
 -*------------- 14 |
 --------------* 15

--P---B-------- 16


In this section will be a list of select items you will find in each year of
each street. Objects like fuel and food won't be listed, as they are too
abundant and can be random at times, but rooms and keys will be listed, as well
as positions of Biff.

Street 1

Bonus Room: Key Largo - Sector 4
Standing Biff - Sector 19
Running Biff - Sector 25
Object Room - Sector 45


Standing Biff - Sector 19
Key - Sector 29
Key - Sector 33
Puzzle Room - Sector 35
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 42
Key - Sector 48


Object Room - Sector 30
Hoverboard - Sector 48
Hoverboard - Sector 58
Key - Sector 61

Street 2

Key - Sector 13
Key - Sector 32
Puzzle Room - Sector 35
Standing Biff - Sector 39
Key - Sector 56


Object Room(Seed Required) - Sector 28
Seed - Sector 51


Key - Sector 3
Puzzle Room - Sector 3
Standing Biff - Sector 9
Key - Sector 47

Street 3

Bonus Room: It's a Gas - Sector 26
Running Biff - Sector 40
Puzzle Room - Sector 49
Object Room - Sector 58


Hoverboard Biff - Sector 35
Object Room - Sector 46


Object Room - Sector 5
Key - Sector 18
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 38
Key - Sector 48
Puzzle Room - Sector 57
Key - Sector 60
Seed - Sector 61

Street 4

Key - Sector 14
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 27
Puzzle Room - Sector 30
Key - Sector 48
Seed - Sector 51
Large gap with vertical moving platform - Sector 51 | Must travel to 1985 to


Standing Biff - Sector 25
Running Biff - Sector 39
Seed - Sector 49
Object Room - Sector 60
Hoverboard - Sector 62


Key - Sector 19
Running Biff - Sector 31
Hoverboard - Sector 44
Large gap with vertical moving platform - Sector 51 | Must travel to 1985 to
Object Room - Sector 57
Puzzle Room - Sector 60

Street 5

Puzzle Room - Sector 1
Key - Sector 5
Key - Sector 39
Standing Biff - Sector 42
Seed - Sector 58


Key - Sector 21
Running Biff - Sector 27
Puzzle Room - Sector 37
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 40
Key - Sector 61


Key - Sector 4
Puzzle Room - Sector 13
Key - Sector 21
Running Biff - Sector 48

Street 6

Key - Sector 2
Puzzle Room - Sector 24
Key - Sector 49


Object Room(Seed Required) - Sector 8
Remote Control - Sector 16
Hoverboard - Sector 23
Key - Sector 26
Hoverboard - Sector 39
Puzzle Room - Sector 58
Key - Sector 61


Bonus Room: X Marks The Spot(Includes Compass) - Sector 16
Seed - Sector 49
Bonus Room: Pig Out - Sector 50
Object Room - Sector 61

Street 7

Key - Sector 5
Key - Sector 8
Hoverboard - Sector 14
Object Room - Sector 17
Running Biff - Sector 41


Hoverboard - Sector 1
Key - Sector 6
Bonus: It's a Gas - Sector 11
Puzzle Room - Sector 34
Key - Sector 49


Running Biff - Sector 30
Large gap with vertical moving platform - Sector 41 | Must travel to 1985 to
Object Room - Sector 44
Puzzle Room - Sector 61

Street 8

Key - Sector 10
Object Room - Sector 32


Key - Sector 12
Bonus Room: This Is Your Life - Sector 22
Object Room - Sector 26
Key - Sector 42
Hoverboard - Sector 54


Bonus Room: This Is Your Life - Sector 22
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 45
Object Room - Sector 50

Street 9

Key - Sector 15
Key - Sector 37
Puzzle Room - Sector 59


Standing Biff - Sector 5
Key - Sector 15
Hoverboard - Sector 21
Bonus Room: Pig Out - Sector 24
Key - Sector 58
Puzzle Room - Sector 61


Object Room(Seed Required) - Sector 9
Key - Sector 24
Hoverboard - Sector 47
Puzzle Room - Sector 57

Street 10

Standing Biff - Sector 27
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 35
Object Room - Sector 38
Seed - Sector 53
Running Biff - Sector 56


Key - Sector 16
Hoverboard - Sector 20
Key - Sector 29
Seed - Sector 51
Puzzle Room - Sector 54


Key - Sector 9
Key - Sector 20
Hoverboard - Sector 37
Standing Biff - Sector 42
Puzzle Room - Sector 58

Street 11

Puzzle Room - Sector 5
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 21
Key - Sector 35
Bonus Room: It's a Gas - Sector 55


Key - Sector 2
Seed - Sector 31
Running Biff - Sector 38
Key - Sector 44
Puzzle Room - Sector 49


Key - Sector 6
Puzzle Room - Sector 13
Key - Sector 25
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 35
Running Biff - Sector 46

Street 12

Running Biff - Sector 42
Object Room - Sector 46


Object Room - Sector 12
Running Biff - Sector 19
Bonus Room: It's a Gas - Sector 56


Puzzle Room - Sector 21
Seed - Sector 22
Running Biff - Sector 40
Running Biff - Sector 57

Street 13

Bonus Room: Pig Out - Sector 11
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 47
Standing Biff - Sector 50
Object Room - Sector 55


Object Room - Sector 4
Running Biff - Sector 14
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 56


Object Room(Seed Required) - Sector 39
Running Biff - Sector 43
Hoverboard Biff - Sector 57

Street 14

Object Room - Sector 55
Puzzle Room - Sector 61


Puzzle Room - Sector 3
Object Room - Sector 60


Object Room - Sector 7
Standing Biff - Sector 27

Street 15

Object Room - Sector 23
Running Biff - Sector 46
Puzzle Room - Sector 51
Running Biff - Sector 55


Object Room - Sector 16
Running Biff - Sector 33
Puzzle Room - Sector 61


Running Biff - Sector 39
Object Room(Seed Required) - 59

Street 16

Standing Biff - Sector 26
Object Room - Sector 38
Running Biff - Sector 42
Puzzle Room - Sector 58


Object Room - Sector 4
Key - Sector 12
Running Biff - Sector 16
Running Biff - Sector 29
Puzzle Room - Sector 48
Hoverboard - Sector 60


Key - Sector 10
Puzzle Room - Sector 13
Bonus Room: It's a Breeze - Sector 25
Running Biff - Sector 28
Key - Sector 32


Below is a list of all of the items you must find, as well as the exact
quadrants of where they can be found and where they must be returned. If you
want to solve the Puzzle Rooms yourself, I would advice you refrain from going
through the following section.

Find At: 2015, Street 13, Sector 39
Return To: 1955, Street 11, Sector 5

Find At: 1955, Street 15, Sector 23
Return To: 1985, Street 15, Sector 61

Find At: 1955, Street 12, Sector 46
Return To: 2015, Street 10, Sector 58

Find At: 1955, Street 13, Sector 55
Return To: 2015, Street 11, Sector 13

Find At: 1985, Street 16, Sector 4
Return To: 2015, Street 5, Sector 13

Find At: 1985, Street 3, Sector 46
Return To: 1955, Street 14, 61

Find At: 1955, Street 1, Sector 45
Return To: 2015, Street 16, Sector 13

Find At: 2015, Street 9, Sector 9
Return To: 1985, Street 10, Sector 54

Find At: 1955, Street 16, Sector 38
Return To: 2015, Street 3, Sector 57

Find At: 2015, Street 15, Sector 59
Return To: 1955, Street 4, Sector 30

Find At: 1985, Street 14, Sector 60
Return To: 1955, Street 6, Sector 24

Find At: 1985, Street 2, Sector 28
Return To: 2015, Street 4, Sector 60

Find At: 1955, Street 8, Sector 32
Return To: 2015, Street 9, Sector 57

Find At: 2015, Street 6, Sector 61
Return To: 1955, Street 3, Sector 49

Find At: 1985, Street 8, Sector 26
Return To: 1955, Street 9, Sector 59

Find At: 2015, Street 3, Sector 5
Return To: 1955, Street 16, Sector 58

Find At: 1985, Street 12, Sector 12
Return To: 2015, Street 7, Sector 61

Find At: 2015, Street 7, Sector 44
Return To: 1955, Street 5, Sector 1

Find At: 1955, Street 3, Sector 58
Return To: 1985, Street 5, Sector 37

Find At: 1955, Street 14, Sector 55
Return To: 1985, Street 11, Sector 49

Find At: 2015, Street 8, Sector 50
Return To: 1985, Street 9, Sector 61

Find At: 1955, Street 10, Sector 38
Return To: 1985, Street 14, Sector 3

Find At: 1985, Street 6, Sector 8
Return To: 1955, Street 15, 51

Find At: 1955, Street 7, Sector 17
Return To: 1985, Street 1, Sector 35

Find At: 2015, Street 14, Sector 7
Return To: 1985, Street 16, Sector 48

Find At: 1985, Street 15, Sector 16
Return To: 1955, Street 2, Sector 35

Find At: 1985, Street 13, Sector 4
Return To: 2015, Street 12, Sector 21

Find At: 2015, Street 4, Sector 57
Return To: 1985, Street 7, Sector 34

Find At: 1985, Street 4, Sector 60
Return To: 2015, Street 2, Sector 3

Find At: 2015, Street 1, Sector 30
Return To: 1985, Street 6, Sector 58


As long as you don't mind losing a life, you can use this trick to save some
time and some fuel units when trying to reach an object room on a high platform
in 1985. Instead of wasting time and fuel to go back to 1955, plant a seed, and
travel back to 1985, there is a simpler way to reach the platform. First, make
sure there is an enemy walking around on the ground. If there is, stand
underneath the door on the platform and wait for the enemy to kill you. As soon
as the time machine reappears to drop you off, jump out of the machine by
pressing and holding the A button to land right onto the platform.

If a Marty clone is in your way and there is no platform around to lead him
onto, use this trick: Face the Marty clone and quickly tap the A button. As
as the clone jumps, run underneath it to the other side. It may take some
practice, but you'll get used to it.

 Game Genie Codes

ZAXKZZPA - 20 Lives
LAXKZZPA - 30 Lives
SXXELOVK - Infinite Lives
ZAXKYZPA - 20 Nuclear Fuel Units
LAXKYZPA - 30 Nuclear Fuel Units
PEKASEPO - Quicker Shots
GZKAKGSA - Keep Shots

 Back to the Future III

Back to the Future III is the second, and much, much, much shorter part of the
full Back to the Future 2 & 3 game. If you can complete the second part of the
game, as well as the first, you'll successfully be able to say that you
completed the whole game.

There are two different ways to get to the second part of this game. This first
is to fully complete the first part of the game, leading you to the second
part. The second method of playing Back to the Future III is to press SELECT
and B on the game's title screen and unscramble the code
FLUXCAPACITORISTHEPOWER to go straight to the second half of this game.

I won't reveal the quick little story behind Back to the Future III, that's
something you'll have to find out yourself. But I will give you a few tips to
beating this second part of the game.

The second part of the game is very similar to the first, in that you have to
return items to where they belong by completing Object Rooms and Puzzle Rooms.
The biggest difference is that there is no time travelling required, there are
only 10 objects to return, and "alleyways" are instead represented by wooden

Object Rooms in Back to the Future III are usually found inside caves instead
of doorways (they may be found in buildings at times), though keys are still
required to enter them. Puzzle Rooms will almost always be found under rocks
which you will have to jump a few times to break, though these Puzzle Rooms may
also may be found in buildings instead of underneath rocks.

But then there's the biggest tip I can offer. Every object found in an Object
Room will be returned to the Puzzle Room that lays on the same street as the
Object Room where the said object was found. This makes Back to the Future III
very easy to complete.

Figure out Back to the Future III on your own. It's a very, very easy area, so
no maps are required, since it's not hard at all to find your way around. Just
take mental (or pen/pencil and paper) notes of where you have and haven't gone,
and you'll do just fine.


Thanks to MK667 for researching the information I needed to create the
OBJECTS section of this FAQ.

Thanks to Beam Software for creating this very interesting game, and thanks to
LJN for releasing it to the NES.

Thanks to CjayC for allowing me to host this FAQ on his website.

And a very special thanks to God, because without him, I wouldn't be here right
now to write this for you.

 Final Notes

This guide may be used for personal use ONLY. Do not alter this document in any
way or post it on any other website without first attaining my permission. Do
not sell or take credit for this document. If you attain permission to use this
document, it must be presented in it's original TXT form. Under no
circumstances may this document be used for money-making purposes.

If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at RoyalRanger@safeplace.net

Copyright 2001 Stephen Maiorana



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