Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

“Count Dracula
Prophesized to rise every hundred years,
descending the world into darkness."
"But there are those who stand
before the rising tide, heroes all."

"After centuries of battle, Dracula's
Castle was finally sealed within the
solar eclipse of 1999."

"Count Dracula was destroyed,
but then, one day..."

"While working with national security,
Genya Arikado receives a mysterious envelope."

"Unknown to many, his true identity
is Alucard, the son of Dracula."

"Within the envelope is a letter..."

"'The Grimoire has awoken.'
'The darkness comes.'"

"Beset by doubts, Alucard diligently
checks the moonlit sky to ensure
Dracula's Castle has not reappeared,
before setting out on a journey to find
the sender of the letter."

"This is the story of the
Grimoire of Souls,
a new page of a tragic history."
After receiving a letter from Lucy Westenra, Arikado ventures to the Elgos Order. There, Lucy addresses him on the Grimoires, magic books which contain information on all the past events of Castlevania, which are overflowing with dark power and beyond their control, hence needing the help of Arikado to restore order on them. Then, with appropriate magic created on Elgos, Arikado must enter the Grimoires and defeat the monsters inscribed into them for the dark power to dissipate, mainly the Core Monsters which have control over the Grimoires.

Chapter 1: Dracula's Castle
As Arikado enters the first Grimoire, he changes to his Alucard outfit and has his former power lost, since the Grimoire cuts connection with the real world, having to gather power inside the Grimoire to be able to write into it and become stronger. As Alucard reenters the Grimoire and goes on to the castle, he summons weapons and abilities with the help of Lucy, and she tells him that good personalities inscribed into the Grimoires can join him in his battle. Meanwhile, Death appears to Alucard inside the Grimoire and has a short battle with him, in which he defeats Alucard. After that, Death reasons that he won due to Alucard being weaker inside the book, revealing that he isn't part of the inscriptions on the Grimoire, but rather a living personality that entered it just like Alucard himself. Alucard then leaves the Grimoire and talks with Lucy about Death, to which she surprisingly reacts, as no one else should have the capability to enter the books, but Alucard dismisses this and says that Death could find a way to do the same in order to resurrect Dracula. Then, Lucy talks again about bringing other heroes from the Grimoire inscriptions who could help Alucard against Death and his dark forces, revealing Simon Belmont, summoned from the Grimoire, much to Alucard's surprise. Simon reacts violently due to Alucard being a dhampir, advised by the Vampire Killer, thus making Alucard explain his reasonings and telling Simon about Trevor, convincing Simon that he plays a good role in these events. Furthermore, while Simon and Alucard enter the Grimoire again, Lucy summons the child Maria Renard from the Rondo of Blood era, and Charlotte Aulin, who then join the heroes inside the book. Finally, they all come to the core monster, the Giant Bat, which is in possession of the Vital Soul that is darkening the Grimoire, and upon its defeat the book is pacified again.

Chapter 2: A City of Fog
Next, the heroes enter into the second Grimoire, which described one of Brauner's paintings in 1944. Again, Lucy summons Shanoa to join them, and Charlotte gets eager to see her childhood friend and partner Jonathan Morris in the Grimoire, since its inscriptions tell about her time inside the castle. While the heroes discuss the Glyphs and the Belmont's vanishing, Lucy notices the writings have changed since they entered it and supposes it's due to the dark forces trying to take control of the book, since the overwriting is putting Jonathan into disadvantage against the monster he's fighting. After delving deep into the Grimoire, Lucy discovers the monster which holds the Vital Soul, who is fighting with Jonathan and winning due to the overwriting. To make matters worse, Charlotte suddenly expresses unease and starts to fade away due to the rewrites. Then, they all enter the book and save Jonathan, stepping forward to clash with the headless champion Dullahan, destroying its head and securing the Vital Soul, reverting back the flow of Chaos inside it. Finally, Lucy also materializes Jonathan; however, due to the alterations, Jonathan won't be at full strength and may only help the others for a short period.

Chapter 3: Ash Banquet
Although Lucy can't locate Grimoires with contents corrupted, she finds one that is being manipulated at the moment - namely the one describing Transylvania in 1792, when Richter Belmont wielded the whip, and the heroes enter it to prevent the full corruption. After venturing into it, Shanoa asks what exactly the Grimoires are, to which Seward, the Director of Elgos, appears to clear any doubts. He then tells about the "Grimoire of Souls", a detailed account about Dracula and the circumstances of his recurrent resurrections that was written in order to understand and prevent human malice to take over again in the future, and also where all other Grimoires originate from. While Seward also tells Arikado that his organization was founded in 1999, the year Dracula perished forever inside the solar eclipse, Maria begins to feel uneasy and starts to fade herself due to the corruption on the books that also is endangering Richter inside the Grimoire. At last, Lucy identifies and localizes the Wyvern, which fights Richter, and the heroes save him while also defeating the monster and capturing its Vital Soul, restoring Maria back to normal and partially summoning Richter the same way it was done with Jonathan.

Chapter 4: That Witch Writhes
It is said, then, that all the Grimoires are connected, and chaos in one of them influences the others. Due to this, the heroes depart to enter one of the most corrupted ones, the book that represents Transylvania in 1797, the era of Alucard's lone fight against Dracula and Shaft. After discussing Richter's possession by Shaft, they enter Dracula's Castle in the Underground Caverns and fight the monsters inside, while Richter feels troubled by the bloodlust inside him, which made he get possessed in the first place, responded by the other heroes trying to soothe his troubles. In the Abandoned Mine, Charlotte recalls the encounter with Death, saying that the dark forces are overtaking the Grimoire, to which Lucy responds telling about the next Grimoire alteration, which is affecting Maria from Symphony Of The Night era, which acts like a different person from child Maria. Arikado vows to help Maria and they depart to the Catacombs. As Richter and Jonathan train their whips, Lucy informs about the monster fighting Maria, making Arikado anxiously rush to save her, for whom she shares feelings for. Inside the crypt, Alucard saves Maria from the Legion, followed by a battle of the heroes against the monster. When defeated, the Vital Soul is secured, but suddenly, Soma Cruz appears before them, and Alucard senses Dracula's chaos inside the young man, who tries to take the Vital Soul from them, but retreats after a brief sparring. When interrogated, Soma is interrupted by a woman called Hermina, who takes Soma with her. Then, Seward reveals that she was the member who made possible to enter the Grimoires, as a member of Elgos, until she fled and took several books with her, and she is possibly the reason that the books are full with Chaos right now.

Chapter 5: Dark Laughter
Lucy tells Arikado about the next Grimoire, a record of Castlevania in the 19th century, during the Belmont's disappearance, which is Shanoa's era. While the heroes venture through the Barracks of the castle, adult Maria is summoned with her Beasts spells, much to child Maria and Richter's awe. When Shanoa explains about the nature of Glyphs, Ecclesia and its secrecy from the worldly knowledge, the text of the Grimoire begins to get altered again, making Shanoa get into disadvantage, which makes her slowly fade. Lucy frightens when she finds the monster holding the Vital Soul, due to the enormous power it exhales, though Shanoa doesn't falter due to her promise of living, made to Albus, her brother. While they prepare to confront it, Lucy explains that the heroes she summons are but a manifestation of the words written by historians long ago, when past events of Castlevania happened, rather than their actual selves, and the representations, their skills and memories are restricted to what was recorded previously, much to Arikado's dismay, since he isn't talking to the real Maria he loved. When everyone enters the Grimoire, they find themselves on a Colosseum with Eligor, a giant horse demon, attacking Shanoa. The demon is fiercely defeated, but Hermina and Soma don't appear, leaving the Vital Soul free to capture. As the Vital Soul is sealed and Shanoa returns to normal, Lucy surprises everyone summoning Albus, who gladly reunites with Shanoa. Meanwhile, Richter and child Maria both begins to fade again, meaning that another rewriting is taking place, urging the heroes to return to 1792 and save them both.

Chapter 6: TBA
The chapter will continue the adventure in 1792 to save Richter and child Maria from fading.

Chapter 7: TBA
The chapter will continue the adventure in 1797.

Chapter 8: TBA
The chapter will take place in the events of 2036, Soma Cruz's era. It will be the final chapter before the game ends its service.

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