Belarus: High-Tech Park

The Belarusian Republic is a country of talent, in such areas as science and information technology. The environment Belarusian IT market rapidly increasing, and this is primarily due to the specially created technological center. His goal is to develop and launch high-tech products, High-Tech Park of Belarus.

What is an IT park?

The Belarusian Mountain it acts as a special tax-free economic zone that has a favorable regime for resident companies. At the beginning of 2006, the first companies were registered as HTP residents, and closer to April this year, the number increased to 505. Most of the HTP residents are foreign companies and joint organizations. The scientific and technological revolution is able to provide a sufficiently favorable environment for innovative scientific technologies and the development of information technologies. Each of the resident companies is engaged in a related industry and IT. Paying great attention to the programming industry, which focuses on exports, the scientific and technological revolution is pursued to create favorable conditions for the development of Belarus.

Some interesting facts about the scientific and technological revolution:

1. One of the first residents of the HTP was a company that developed the World of Tanks games.

2. In 2018 alone, revenues were in excess of $1.4 billion.

3. Such a cryptocurrency, like Currency.com, is also an HTP resident, besides it is the first legal and licensed one.

4. The law allows HTP residents to apply ICO (initial coin offer).

5. Acts as HTP and Rakuten Viber.

6. Facebook owns one of the HTP resident companies.

What are the reasons to choose a high park in Belarus?

From year to year, more and more companies are attracted to HTP Belarus, because this is the only technopark in Belarus that owns the right to constantly provide tax incentives. Resident companies are also entitled to receive significant government support. It is extremely profitable to be an HTP resident company, as there is no profit tax and VAT, customs duties and income taxes.

It follows from this that to be a resident of the HTP means to acquire a very wide range of preferences and benefits, as well as substantial assistance in business development. This is very profitable, because Belarus has completed a state course on the creation of an IT country. And also new scientific technologies were acquired and thus it is one of the most profitable places for creating and running a business in this field.

Belarus is the first country in the world where technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchains are regulated by law, in addition a broad legal base is provided, and a profitable tax system is implemented. All this information is confirmed by the fact that last year the profit of all residents of the HTP amounted to more than 1.4 billion dollars.

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